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FSU Podcast: Defense & Special Teams After USF

Are we ready to confidently state that the 2015 defense will be a significant upgrade to 2014's unit?

Ingram Smith and Bud Elliott are back to review Florida State's 34-13 win over the USF Bulls. In the second half of this two-part edition of the Nolecast.

We open again with discussion surrounding the play of Giorgio Newberry. Is this a level of play that we should expect to see out of him moving forward and if so, what does that mean for the overall level of play from the 2015 unit?

It was a less than stellar day for the linebackers. Is this something that we could foresee as a onetime issue with extenuating circumstances or do we need to re-calibrate our expectations for this unit and for a player like Reggie Northrup. And we discuss Ro'Derrick Hoskins' emergence and how much playing time he can get.

We then continue with praise for the secondary, the corners in particular. Marquez White's level of play has been another significant surprise and if it continues, does his level of play have the chance to give FSU a top 15 unit nationally?

How did Trey Marshall do at safety replacing Lamarcus Brutus?

is this a top-30 defense? Top-20? We debate.

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