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Florida State football film review: USF 3rd Quarter

Every week we break down the result of the previous Florida State game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against USF? Which players played poorly? Where did the coaches do well, and when did they screw up?

Read to find out. Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

For other quarters, visit the film review section (All quarters up by Wednesday evening).

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2-12 at Fs18 Start of 3rd quarter, clock 15:00, USF ball on USF35.
Drive: 1 plays, minus 2 yards, TOP 00:20
35-NADELMAN, Emili kickoff 60 yards to the FS5, 8W-Kermit Whitfield return 56 yards to the USF39 (21-MCGEE, Khalid).
1-10 at Usf39 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 14:50.
1-10 at Usf39 6-Everett Golson at QB for Florida State.
1-10 at Usf39 11 Gun 4-Dalvin Cook rush left for no gain to the USF39 (24-WARD, Johnny), clock 14:30. Package counter/bubble. Counter left to boundary - USF has brought a fair amount of field pressure, so this was designed to use that against them. RoJo unable to get to second level and both backers run free, Izzo can only block one and Wilson needs to do a better job also. Poor team blocking on a good play call.
2-10 at Usf39 20 Pony 6-Everett Golson sideline pass complete to 3-Jesus Wilson for 15 yards to the USF24, 1ST DOWN FS (3-NICHOLS, Deatri), clock 14:03. Snag to field, curl on boundary. Golson hits Wilson neatly on curl. Good call against soft coverage andfield pressure, Bobo does a good job to get 15 where you'd expect him to get 10.
1-10 at Usf24 20 Pony 6-Everett Golson wide receiver screen right pass complete to 15-Travis Rudolph for no gain to the USF24 (36-GODWIN, Nate), clock 14:28. OZ/bubble package. USF nickel shows blitz, safety lines up over #2 receiver. Thrown a bit behind him, but Golson really didn't have the numbers for bubble. It was 2 on 2, Golson saw the blitzer and thought it was 1 on 2, I guess.
2-10 at Usf24 11 Gun 4-Dalvin Cook rush right for 24 yards to the USF0, 1ST DOWN FS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 13:08. Power/bubble package. Power right, nothing doing in middle, USF backers get sucked in and Cook busts it outside and he's gone. Can't give this kid the corner, he's incredible. Great block from Bobo to spring him.
Official Review: Call on the field is a touchdown.
Official Review: Call on the field is confirmed.
19-Roberto Aguayo kick attempt good.
Florida State 14, USF 7
Drive: 4 plays, 39 yards, TOP 01:42
19-Roberto Aguayo kickoff 65 yards to the USF0, touchback.
1-10 at Usf25 USF drive start at 13:08.
1-10 at Usf25 9-FLOWERS, Quinto at QB for USF.
1-10 at Usf25 425 9-FLOWERS, Quinto rush left for 5 yards to the USF30, out-of-bounds (20-Trey Marshall), clock 12:51. Zone read, zone to field, Flowers keeps to boundary, Pugh gets blocked by a cut from a player coming backside across formation. Pugh needs to get off this. Marshall cleans this up but needs to pursue faster. Hoskins does good job getting in hole.
2-5 at Usf30 425 5-MACK, Marlon rush over right tackle for 11 yards to the USF41, 1ST DOWN USF (1H-Tyler Hunter;29-Nate Andrews), clock 12:29. 3 down linemen, Pugh standing up in A gap with Smith next to him. Zone to field, DL gets good penetration, Pugh sheds and makes the tackle at 2 yards past LOS.... and then somehow it's 11 yards. Sometimes you have to give credit to kids for high effort plays but Pugh needs to finish.
1-10 at Usf41 425 5-MACK, Marlon rush over right guard for 3 yards to the USF44 (16-Jacob Pugh;91-Derrick Nnadi), clock 11:38. Zone read with tripple option, Hunter blitzes from Star spot and does a good job slowing down and focing play inside. Pugh makes contact and Mack falls forward. Pitch man was uncovered and could've gone if Flowers did that.
2-7 at Usf44 425 9-FLOWERS, Quinto rush quarterback draw for loss of 2 yards to the USF42 (18-Ro'Derrick Hoskins), clock 11:11. QB Counter trey, Hoskins blitzes field side. He and Pugh unblocked and bring Flowers down in backfield.
3-9 at Usf42 425 NASCAR 9-FLOWERS, Quinto sacked for loss of 4 yards to the USF38 (3J-Derwin James), clock 10:35. 4 man rush with NASCAR package - Walker slides inside and Sweat/Pugh on edge. 4 man rush forces Flowers out of pocket. Noles had Derwin playing spy, Derwin follows him and brings him down. Noles playing cover 1 man, Derwin may be robber but I'm guessing spy based on down and distance.
4-13 at Usf38 49-CIABATTI, Matti punt 48 yards to the FS14, 3-Jesus Wilson return 6 yards to the FS20 (42-HAMILTON, Coria). USF outkicks their coverage, Bobo makes one guy miss and can't get much farther.
Drive: 5 plays, 13 yards, TOP 03:01 REally good defensive drive overall, if Pugh can clean up one tackle it was likely a 3 and out.
1-10 at Fs20 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 10:07.
1-10 at Fs20 21 I 4-Dalvin Cook rush over left guard for 3 yards to the FS23 (10-SENAT, Deadrin), clock 09:50. T block quick toss, or as I call it, the LSU play. Martinez and RoJo pull, both make effective blocks. Stevenson starts his angle too wide and isn't able to reach his man early enough to prevent Dalvin from having to cut back inside where there are simply too many bodies. Harrison also never reaches a man.
2-7 at Fs23 11 gun 6-Everett Golson crossing pass incomplete to 13-Ja'Vonn Harrison, dropped pass, clock 09:29. Levels concept, Pigg runs shallow crosser, Izzo runs deeper crosser. This is pure WR inexperience - Pigg really rounds out this route, running right into backer depth. Had he run this with a sharp cut and come back to ball just a hair, he'd have drawn the backer out of that depth and had the space to shield the ball. Despite this, contact was weak enough he should have caught the ball.
3-7 at Fs23 11 gun 6-Everett Golson deep out pass complete to 8W-Kermit Whitfield for 15 yards to the FS38, 1ST DOWN FS, clock 09:15. Deep comeback, Golson makes a poor throw and Kermit's route is sloppy, but Kermit does an excellent job to find it and get back to it. Gonna be able to hit these against soft coverage.
1-10 at Fs38 11 gun 6-Everett Golson thrown away pass incomplete to 1-Ermon Lane, QB hurry by 52-BULLOCK, Zack. PA power, sucks both backers in. Poor pocket presence from Golson, he could step up into this pocket and be fine. Escapes it, chucks it up. Another example of poor WR play. Smash concept, Lane runs the hitch so poorly that he's run the corner into the passing lane. Kermit doesn't run his route vertical but in sort of a skinny post to sideline before making his break, also leading his man into the passing lane. Absolutely terrible route running. Golson had TE open over middle but he was #3 at best - #3 may have been post, which was wide open. Really poor all around. Neither Lane nor Kermit are first year guys - totally unacceptable. There's a damned Jimbo Fisher article online on this play.
2-10 at Fs38 11 gun 4-Dalvin Cook rush left for 50 yards to the USF12, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds (36-GODWIN, Nate), clock 08:41. Read option, power left. Thing of beauty here, folks. Well blocked power, Cook makes one man miss and he's out the gate due to a mediocre block from Pigg. Absolute clear horse collar goes uncalled. Major error by AAC refs.
1-10 at Usf12 Timeout USF, clock 08:12.
1-10 at Usf12 12 singleback 7-Mario Pender rush up middle for 1 yard to the USF11 (60-HECTOR, Bruce;9H-HILL, Demetrius), clock 07:46. Inside zone, Bell gets beat by his man, and play is done. If he put in a better block, could well have gone for 6.
2-9 at Usf11 11 gun 6-Everett Golson sacked for loss of 9 yards to the USF20 (90-HAMILTON, James), clock 07:15. Terrible PA fake fools no one. Looks to have been some confusion here - Harrison runs jet action, Pender runs in front of him slowing both up and preventing Pender from crossing the formation to make himself available for a dump off. This appears to be an error form Pender here, as RoJo passed off an end like he was expecting 6 man protection. But still, Golson absolutely cannot take this sack. Get rid of it.
3-18 at Usf20 11 gun 7-Mario Pender rush up middle for 7 yards to the USF13 (13-FULLWODD, Tajee), clock 06:46. Passing down in red zone, Jimbo elects to run power. Does not trust inexperienced offense/Golson not to lose ball where he can get 3 points. Absolutely egregious miscarriage of player safety not to whistle this play dead when Pender's helmet pops off. These refs are absolutely terrible. Halfway decent block from Pigg and he'd have gone further. Pender also could have cut this tighter and not needed to dance.
4-11 at Usf13 19-Roberto Aguayo field goal attempt from 30 GOOD, clock 06:40. Between the huge play and the just mind numbing young errors, this team is showing it's youth and talent in one drive. Microcosm of this offense.
Florida State 17, USF 7
Drive: 9 plays, 67 yards, TOP 03:33
19-Roberto Aguayo kickoff 57 yards to the USF8, 87-ADAMS, Rodney return 17 yards to the USF25 (26-Johnathan Vickers).
1-10 at Usf25 USF drive start at 06:34.
1-10 at Usf25 425 5-MACK, Marlon rush right for 5 yards to the USF30, out-of-bounds, clock 06:29. 3 down linemen lined up in traditional 3-4 2 gap positions, Sweat coming off edge. Inverted veer, Sweat commits too much to QB keep and Mack gets outside. Not sure if Northrup is supposed to scrape quicker here.
2-5 at Usf30 425 5-MACK, Marlon rush right for 14 yards to the USF44, 1ST DOWN USF, out-of-bounds (20-Trey Marshall), clock 06:07. Same play, same problem. Sweat getting read out of play way too easily. Smith gets cut out of play and does not set the edge, Ramsey is pulled down? sort of weird blocking there. Poor defense.
1-10 at Usf44 425 31-TICE, Darius rush over left end for 16 yards to the FS40, 1ST DOWN USF (1H-Tyler Hunter), clock 05:40. Motion right draws Noles into poor alignment, and play is over before the snap. Inverted veer, and USF's lead blocker is looking for something to do. If he had followed up and blocked Hunter, this would've been 6. Unacceptable for a back 7 with senior Hunter and seniors Northrup and Smith to get outflanked so easily.
1-10 at Fs40 425 9-FLOWERS, Quinto sideline pass complete to 31-TICE, Darius for 3 yards to the FS37, out-of-bounds (5-Reggie Northrup), clock 05:10. Play action, Noles pressure Flowers out of pocket. This would probably have become a sack had Sweat not been badly held - got flipped over by shirt grab, impressive! Flowers does a nice job drawing in defenders and pitching it. Looks like an old HS option QB. NOTE: Trey Marshall fixed the earlier mistake he made by playing the deep man. Good eye discipline.
2-7 at Fs37 9-FLOWERS, Quinto deep pass incomplete to 32-JOHNSON, D'Erne, clock 04:53.
3-7 at Fs37 QB hurry by 9-Josh Sweat.
3-7 at Fs37 9-FLOWERS, Quinto deep out pass incomplete to 26-WHITEHEAD, Chas, clock 04:48.
4-7 at Fs37 49-CIABATTI, Matti punt 27 yards to the FS10, fair catch by 3-Jesus Wilson.
Drive: 6 plays, 38 yards, TOP 01:49
1-10 at Fs10 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 04:45.
1-10 at Fs10 21 twins 4-Dalvin Cook rush right for 2 yards to the FS12 (9H-HILL, Demetrius), PENALTY FS holding (57-Corey Martinez) 5 yards to the FS5, NO PLAY, clock 04:36. Legit penalty, Martinez is not strong enough to make this block.
1-15 at Fs05 Timeout Florida State, clock 04:25.
1-15 at Fs05 11 gun 4-Dalvin Cook rush up middle for 13 yards to the FS18, out-of-bounds (36-GODWIN, Nate;13-FULLWODD, Tajee), clock 04:14. This isn't even all that well blocked, but Dalvin Cook is amazing. Watch him make his OL look better than it is.
2-2 at Fs18 21 gun 4-Dalvin Cook rush over right guard for 2 yards to the FS20, 1ST DOWN FS (10-SENAT, Deadrin), clock 03:47. Cook just getting the first.
1-10 at Fs20 21 gun 6-Everett Golson deep out pass complete to 3-Jesus Wilson for 16 yards to the FS36, 1ST DOWN FS (36-GODWIN, Nate), clock 03:18. TIming on this play action was horrible. But it worked.
1-10 at Fs36 21 gun 7-Mario Pender rush left for loss of 2 yards to the FS34 (10-SENAT, Deadrin), clock 02:43. This loss is not Mario Pender's fault, Kareem Are is slow with his step and gets beaten.
2-12 at Fs34 20 gun 6-Everett Golson middle right pass incomplete to 15-Travis Rudolph (3-NICHOLS, Deatri), clock 02:25. Good ball thrown relatively on time just dropped by Travis Rudolph. Have to play through contact. This is soft.
3-12 at Fs34 21 gun 6-Everett Golson deep pass incomplete to 3-Jesus Wilson (24-WARD, Johnny), PENALTY USF personal foul (43-SANCHEZ, Auggie) 16 yards to the 50 yardline, 1ST DOWN FS, NO PLAY, clock 02:16. Bad snap, but again, poor pocket presence. Needs to step up and not vacate, he would have seen receiver open deep. Unnecessary scramble also leads to him getting rocked on a late hit.
1-10 at Fs50 21 6-Everett Golson screen pass complete to 23-Freddie Stevenson for 15 yards to the USF35, 1ST DOWN FS (53-THOMAS, Danny), clock 02:04. Hey! Play-action boot to the backs. Need more of this.
1-10 at Usf35 11 gun 7-Mario Pender rush over right end for no gain to the USF35 (91-LEE, Eric), clock 01:32. This is pretty much just bad luck, USF his an aggressive run blitz and apparently doesn't respect Golson checking to the bubble.
2-10 at Usf35 20 gun 6-Everett Golson middle left pass complete to 15-Travis Rudolph for 12 yards to the USF23, 1ST DOWN FS (53-THOMAS, Danny), clock 01:01. Poor play action fake, but USF is selling out on the run so it works anyway.
1-10 at Usf23 20 gun 6-Everett Golson deep pass complete to 3-Jesus Wilson for 23 yards to the USF0, 1ST DOWN FS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 00:38. Excellent throw off play-action, stood in the pocket and didn't flee. Great play.
19-Roberto Aguayo kick attempt good.
Florida State 24, USF 7
Drive: 9 plays, 90 yards, TOP 04:07
19-Roberto Aguayo kickoff 65 yards to the USF0, touchback.
1-10 at Usf25 USF drive start at 00:38.
1-10 at Usf25 4-2-5 5-MACK, Marlon rush over right guard for 4 yards to the USF29 (5-Reggie Northrup;1M-Derrick Mitchell Jr.), clock 00:10. Nice run by Mack on a play FSU has mostly stacked up.
Drive: 1 plays, 4 yards, TOP 00:48