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Florida State football predictions: Boston College

How will FSU's ACC opener in Chestnut Hill unfold? Let's guess!

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These are Tomahawk Nation's esteemed staff's predictions for Florida State's trip up to Boston on a Friday night. There's no need to remind you all who nailed the USF prediction last week. Nope, none at all. This isn't a competition or anything. Ahem, without further ado:

Bud: 23-13 Noles

Evan: 20-14 FSU. I'm not sure either team can consistently score without turnovers or big plays. FSU has the better chance for big plays and maybe Golson can hook up with a receiver (if the line can hold up) for a few deep shots. Either way Aguayo is the difference.

Paolo (pbysh): The Golson we saw during week 1 was pretty awesome. The Golson we saw last week was pretty brutal. He'll be somewhere in between on Friday, but trending towards Good GolsonTM. While this team, and this offensive line in particular, is not where it needs to be, I like FSU to cover. 27-17 Noles.

Rob (ricobert1): FSU 23, BC 26 (OT)

I'm still bothered by just how bad Golson was vs USF. I think he's going to reveal himself to be the TO machine that he is, leading to an early 14-3 hole. Enter Maguire, who engineers the comeback - but Cook fumbles in OT to seal it. I'd be more surprised if FSU wins by 17+ than this outcome (hoping for pleasantly surprised, hoping for pleasantly surprised).

Juan (jmnpb996): FSU 27-16. This is going to be an ugly game. BC has a good defensive front with solid depth, and plays a style better suited to stopping the run and preventing explosive plays. They also have a very inexperienced OL and a young QB to pair with skill that isn't nearly as athletic as FSU's defense. Good Golson will play one half, Bad Golson will play the other, and a couple explosive plays in the pass game are the difference.

Tim (TimScribble) FSU 24-17. I think BC could struggle to move the ball, but also think FSU could do the same. Dalvin maybe breaks one or Golson connects a big one. Gonna be an ugly, toss-up.

David Visser: The specifics line up in FSU's favor here, particularly the Seminoles' defensive line depth vs. the Eagles' inexperience up front offensively. But the big picture -- a short week, the first road game, the first ACC game -- provide cause for concern, not to mention the fact that Steve Addazio always has BC ready for Florida State. FSU's big-play ability could be the difference here, and I think the 'Noles survive. 30-20, FSU.

FrankDNole: This is going to get ugly, for BC, and it's not even going to be close. Fisher is going to have Golson come out throwing safe bubble screens, middle screens, quick outs and slants before even trying to get the ground game going. This is going to loosen up their defense and then he'll let Cook and Pender have their way with the confused BC defense. I also think Pender will have a good game running to the outside while they're trying to key more on Cook. Over 200 yards both running and passing. We roll and never look back. FSU 41-17.

Matt Minnick: I started this week leaning toward BC not only covering, but pulling off the straight up win. But as the days passed, my mind kept circling back to Roberto Aguayo. Half man/half machine, Aguayo proves to be the difference in a defensive slug-fest where neither team is able to sustain and finish drives successfully. Noles eek out a win, 19-16.

Michael Rogner: Best part about playing BC is that you get to listen to announcers try and talk about white players. Drink when they say a BC player is scrappy. Drink when someone is hard-nosed, or a hard-worker. Possession receiver gets a drink. Once they start dropping things like "quarterback on the field" or "a coach's dream" you gotta do shots. Noles, 37-13. Enjoy your weekend.

Chuck (cblunt58):  FSU 31, BC 16.  It will be ugly, it will be tight for 3+ quarters.  But in the end, FSU has Dalvin Cook, and he will chip away and be the difference.  BC's only TD comes by way of  ugly Golson turnover deep in FSU territory.  Positive note, the defense continues to show promise and registers 4 sacks.

Kyle Griffis: FSU 27, BC 17.  Friday night game, first road game, BC's red bandana game...This matchup just screams trap game.  I'm nervous primarily based off what I've seen from the offensive line so far, but in the end I think FSU's playmakers make the difference.  I preface that by saying that the offense simply cannot solely rely on Dalvin this week, because BC is good against the run and will be ready for it.  I expect that the defense will continue to look great, but I may have to shield my eyes if this becomes a defensive-oriented, field position battle and we have are forced to rely on Cason Beatty's medicine-ball punting skills.  ‘Noles pull out an ugly and deceivingly tough first conference win late.

Andrew Miller (MillerAndrew): FSU 27, BC 21. Dalvin Cook rushes for over 150 yards, Golson throws 2 TDs, wide receivers drop 4 passes, Jalen Ramsey gets a pick, Newberry gets defensive player of the game for the third week in a row.

Onebarrelrum: FSU 23-BC 20. Florida State winning by more than 7 would surprise me more than a loss. In other words, not real confident about a 3 point win. Both teams are coming off of short rest but BC had a running clock against a horrible team last week. FSU had a fight in the 4th quarter against a physical USF front. It is hard to trust Golson with all of the new players around him on the road. If he limits mistakes/turnovers and makes the easy throws - bubbles, screens, and RUNS THE BALL, FSU should escape with a win.

PhenomeNole: FSU 34 BC13. FSU will match the physicality. Look for Jimbo to spread BC out and get Ev in an early rhythm with quick, easy completions. This will open things up for Dalvo. On defense, I think FSU will shut the run game down. BC is not nearly as big on the OL as in years past, and FSU has a strong rotation on the DL to stay fresh. As a wise man once said on Twitter: "I'm more scared of running out of toilet paper in a public restroom than I am of losing to BC".

DKfromVA: This one is just all sorts of uncomfortable for FSU fans. It's Friday night at underdog BC with a spread around a touchdown, as of now. It's Red Bandana Night (which is fantastic) and it will be a charged up crowd. 45% of Florida State's roster has never played in a road game! The ‘Noles could certainly lose this one. For me, the key is FSU's Roberto Aguayo, who will go down as one of the most accurate kickers in college football history. If the Seminoles can move the ball enough to utilize him, then they'll have a major leg up (sorry) in this game. I do think that BC's new and largely untested (although Maine's defense is better than they get credit for being) offensive line will struggle with what the ‘Noles will throw at them on the line of scrimmage. I also think the Eagles will give FSU problems up front as well. It will be an aesthetically difficult game to watch, and a cheap defensive, special teams, or busted play touchdown could very well be the difference. I'll take the ‘Noles 19-13 largely on the leg of #19.

Now it's your turn! How's this one going to play out? We know you've got nothing better to do while you kill time until an 8 p.m. kickoff on a Friday.