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Florida State football, recruiting news: Is Brewster the #2 recruiter in the nation?

- With the addition of tight end Naseir Upshur to FSU's 2016 recruiting class, Florida State recruiting coordinator and tight ends coach Tim Brewster has moved into the #2 spot of 247's recruiter rankings. It is hard to deny that Brewster, who has been responsible for the commitments of Malik Henry, Jamel Cook, Amir Rasul, and Upshur, among others in the 2016 class alone, is an elite recruiter.

- Bob Ferrante of the Osceola relays just how hard Jacob Pugh is working in order to take a step forward this season. Pugh's progress has been reiterated by multiple players in the past week with DeMarcus Walker calling him a tasmanian devil and Rod Johnson saying that he is a heck of a football player.

- Safid Deen, the FSU beat writer for the Tallahassee Democrat describes how Josh Sweat's mentality has aided his road to recovery. The fact that Sweat, who suffered a horrific torn ACL and dislocated knee less than a year ago, will be available for the season opener against Texas State showcases just how hard he has worked to ensure a speedy but safe recovery process.

While most people, including several of his family members, feared the worst, Sweat never worried about his future on and off the football field — even immediately after arriving to the nearest hospital.

"We never had those down moments," Washington said. "Even when he was drugged up on the (local) anesthesia and they were working on his leg and trying to put it back in place, he was talking about getting sacks. Talking about playing. That was on his mind — even when he was out.

"It was never an ‘Oh my God, I'm hurt.' We didn't go through that."

Two weeks after surgery, Sweat started to rehabilitate. He researched workouts on his own to help with the process.

- Joe Vozelli of the San Marcos Daily Record shows the other side of the preparations for the September 5th game between FSU and Texas State as he details how the Bobcats have been prepping themselves for Doak Campbell Stadium.

- More on Texas State as we revisit the Texas State preview that SB Nation's Bill Connelly released back in February.