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Florida State's ranking in the college football polls: AP, USA Today Coaches

Find out where Florida State may be ranked when the AP and USA Today Coaches Polls are released later today.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: FSU is 7th in the coaches poll, getting jumped by Georgia and Ole Miss, both of which are understandable. Future opponents Clemson (10) and Georgia Tech (19) are also in the poll. Opponents Miami and Florida are undefeated but unranked.

FSU is now 10th in the AP poll, dropping one spot from last week. They were jumped by Ole Miss, LSU and UCLA. Future opponents in the poll are Clemson (11) and Georgia Tech (20).


Florida State survived one of those crazy weekends in college football, as two teams in the top 10 of the AP and USA Today Coaches polls lost.

Florida State came into the weekend ranked #9 in the AP poll. The upset by #15 Ole Miss over #2 Alabama more than likely means Ole Miss will jump FSU in the poll. However, with the losses by #2 Alabama and #6 USC, the Noles should be able to move up in the rankings.

Florida State's fate in the Coaches Poll, where they entered at #6, will be very unpredictable. Alabama and Ole Miss entered their match up ranked #2 and #11 respectively. The higher rankings given to Ole Miss and FSU by the coaches will affect the final positions more drastically than the AP.

The two currently ranked teams on Florida State's schedule faired much differently than eachother. Clemson, coming in at #11 in the AP and #9 in the Coaches Poll, defeated Louisville on the road on Thursday. Georgia Tech, ranked #14 in the AP and #16 in the coaches, went on the road as a favorite to defeat Notre Dame, but wound up losing by eight in a game that was over well before the clock expired.