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FSU practice report: Featherston, Lewis, Minshew return to practice

News, notes, and observations from the day's Florida State practice.

Wilson Bell, Brock Ruble, and Derrick Kelly.
Wilson Bell, Brock Ruble, and Derrick Kelly.
Curt Weiler

The 'Noles resumed the practice field today in their second practice of their only bye week this year, donning full pads on a pleasant afternoon. After Jimbo Fisher said on Monday that this team is getting healthier, it was evident at Tuesday's practice as Chris Casher, Lorenzo Featherston, Cole Minshew, and Marcus Lewis all returned to practice.


Star running back Dalvin Cook once again sported a non-contact jersey today, as he did yesterday after getting dinged up a bit during the Seminoles' 14-0 victory over Boston College on Friday. The first-team offensive line featured, left to right, Rod Johnson, Kareem Are, Ryan Hoefeld (likely just getting some reps with the 1s), Wilson Bell, and Derrick Kelly. Chad Mavety worked out as well, seeing reps with the 2s at right guard after head coach Jimbo Fisher revealed yesterday that he's spending more time at guard than tackle. In his return to practice, Cole Minshew worked with the 2s at left guard, sporting a brace on his left ankle.

Wideout Nyqwan Murray continues to favor the first two fingers on his left hand, with his index and middle fingers taped together over a new glove that he was wearing. However, he was making two-handed catches, progress from solely working with his right hand as he has been doing for a few weeks.


Simply put, the defense is quite healthy right now. Lorenzo Featherston, Chris Casher, and Marcus Lewis all returned to full participation in practice. Nate Andrews' signature right-hand club remains, but he's still practicing in full. And for the second straight day, Trey Marshall and Keelin Smith went without non-contact jerseys.

Special Teams

The special teams unit spent time working on squib kicks in practice with Freddie Stevenson working as the designated upback who will catch squib kicks. Rick Leonard was also seen catching a squib on the other side of the field.


Tight end Jalen Wilkerson was on the stationary bike once more today and freshman offensive lineman Abdul Bello remains out. Other than that, the injury report, which was minimal to begin with, grew even smaller today with the return of many players from injuries that had kept them out for multiple weeks.

Up Next:

FSU will practice tomorrow in a closed session, but Jimbo Fisher will appear on his weekly call-in show, so check back for updates.