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Florida State football podcast: BC review and is Everett Golson the answer?

Ingram Smith and Bud Elliott return for another edition of The Nolecast. After rewtaching Florida State's win over Boston College, we discuss anything we may have missed in the instant reaction podcast from late Friday.

Much of the focus is on Everett Golson, who did a good job scrambling and threw the ball OK in the first half, and did not turn the football over.

But overall, Golson is not playing all that well. He's not very accurate, and particularly inaccurate within the target zone, asking his receivers to routinely make catches that completely kill any opportunity for run after the catch (FSU is 126th in explosive pass rating). Golson is also extremely late on his throws, which allows the defense to catch up and again, kills long play opportunities and opportunities to run after the catch. Golson seems very slow to read defenses, and often doesn't identify the open receiver.

The other issue is that Golson is missing run checks and is not correctly running the zone read, which means his legs are not being used. We know Golson is missing these because Jimbo Fisher came out and said it.

Even with this defense, FSU will not win the ACC with Everett Golson playing at this level. But there is hope: he's only had seven weeks of practice. He'll have three more under his belt before FSU plays Miami.

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We then discuss Ryan Izzo. The second-year tight end started off very well for Florida State on the year, but since injuring his knee against USF, he has not looked good, and was an absolute liability against Boston College.

The offensive line discussion is rather short, because we covered it extensively in the instant reaction podcast: as it is currently comprised, the line probably won't get much better. There is some hope that will improve if it can get Cole Minshew in at center (once healthy) or Chad Mavety in at guard.

Defensively, we praised Nile Lawrence-Stample, the senior defensive tackle who was even better during the re-watch than we thought.

We end with a prolonged discussion of playcalling with some surprising stats.