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Florida State football film review: Boston College 1st quarter

Full video breakdown of FSU's 1st quarter v. BC, found only at Tomahawk Nation.

Every week we break down the result of the previous Florida State game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Boston College? Which players played poorly? Where did the coaches do well, and when did they screw up?

Read to find out. Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

For other quarters, visit the film review section (All quarters up by Wednesday evening).

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Howell,A kickoff 65 yards to the FS0, Ramsey, J. return 17 yards to the FS17 (Schwab,T).
1-10 at Fs17 12 Tight Golson, E. pass complete to Saunders, M. for no gain to the FS17 (Simmons,J). Curl flat from a compressed set. Jimbo continues to try and bring Mavin Saunders along by giving him a small defined role in the opening script. Saunders is clearly struggling to pick up the offense and become a functional tight end at the collegiate level, but giving him one play to focus on and prepare for may keep him engaged and focused.
2-10 at Fs17 11 Golson, E. pass complete to Whitfield, K. for 26 yards to the FS43, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds. Snag concept vs. Man Free coverage. The man defender on the slot receiver falls down and the safety cannot get over top of the corner route in time. Nice throw.
1-10 at Fs43 21 Bunch Whitfield, K. rush for 15 yards to the BC42, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds (Johnson,J). Great crack back block on the safety by Bobo and a great cut of the field corner springs the reverse for a big gain. Everette Golson delivers a punishing block to the playside DE.
1-10 at Bc42 21 Twins Cook, D. rush for 17 yards to the BC25, 1ST DOWN FS (Yiadom,I). Zone counter. Inside zone blocking with a disguised handoff and counter step from the back. Great job by Freddie Stevenson and Bobo Wilson of getting the defensive end and linebacker blocked backside.
1-10 at Bc25 PENALTY FS false start 5 yards to the BC30.
1-15 at Bc30 01 Empty Golson, E. pass complete to Rudolph, T. for 11 yards to the BC19 (Moore,K). Empty set with Dalvin Cook lined up as a receiver. Tunnel screen to Rudolph. Remember this set as I believe Jimbo is setting up a tendency he can break later out of this formation.
2-4 at Bc19 PENALTY BC offside 5 yards to the BC14, 1ST DOWN FS.
1-10 at Bc14 21 Stevenson, F. rush for 1 yard to the BC13 (Daniels,S). Fullback belly is run right into the teeth of a run blitz. No chance for this play.
2-9 at Bc13 11 Gun Golson, E. pass complete to Wilson, J. for 4 yards to the BC9 (Yiadom,I). Jerk route to the short side of the field. Easy man beater route vs. Man Free defense.
3-5 at Bc09 10 Gun Stack Golson, E. pass complete to Rudolph, T. for 9 yards to the BC0, 1ST DOWN FS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 10:07. All slants. Golson identifies the mismatch with a slow backer in man coverage vs. Rudolph. Nice throw as the umpire is actually standing in the throwing lane, making the window very tight.
Aguayo, R. kick attempt good.
Florida State 7, Boston College 0
Drive: 8 plays, 83 yards, TOP 04:53 Tremendous plan and execution on the first drive, especially on short rest.
Aguayo, R. kickoff 65 yards to the BC0, Willis,M return 23 yards to the BC23 (Elliott, J.).
BOSTON COLLEGE drive start at 10:07.
1-10 at Bc23 4-2-5 Hilliman,J rush for 3 yards to the BC26 (Nnadi, D.). BC tries to trap Derrick Nnadi with the fullback, but Nnadi slips the block and makes the tackle.
2-7 at Bc26 4-2-5 Hilliman,J rush for 1 yard to the BC27 (Nnadi, D.). Iso play and the back cuts the wrong way off the fullback's block. Nnadi and Walker stone the OL on the weakside of the formation and the back has nowhere to go.
3-6 at Bc27 4-2-5 Wade,D pass incomplete to Dudeck,D. Rollout pass, with BC flooding the zone. There's a receiver wide open in the flat for a first down but BC's QB is only looking downfield and eventually throws it away.
4-6 at Bc27 Howell,A punt 45 yards to the FS28, Wilson, J. return -3 yards to the FS25 (Johnson,J;Milano,M).
Drive: 3 plays, 4 yards, TOP 01:26
FLORIDA STATE drive start at 08:41.
1-10 at Fs25 12 Tight Cook, D. rush for no gain to the FS25 (Abdesmad,M). Variant of power blocking where the pulling guard kicks out the end man on the line and the tight end leads through the hole. Wilson Bell is slow on his pull and the BC DE squeezes the play, shedding Bell's block and making the tackle for no gain.
2-10 at Fs25 11 Gun Golson, E. sacked for loss of 14 yards to the FS11 (Landry,H), PENALTY FS intentional grounding 0 yards to the FS11. Multiple breakdowns in the pass protection here. Brock Ruble has a wide 9 tech defensive end and is overly concerned with getting beat outside, taking a wide set and getting beaten to the inside. BC runs a twist on the other side of the line and Martinez correctly identifies the DE looping inside, but inexplicably tries to get to him by going outside the DT.
3-24 at Fs11 11 Gun Cook, D. rush for loss of 3 yards to the FS8 (Landry,H). Same play from 1st down. FSU is hoping to catch BC in some kind of DL games and get Cook on the edge. BC stays vanilla and blows the play up again.
4-27 at Fs08 Timeout Boston College, clock 08:00.
4-27 at Fs08 Beatty, C. punt 53 yards to the BC39, Alston,S return 8 yards to the BC47 (Kerr, J.), PENALTY BC illegal block 17 yards to the BC30, 1st and 10, BC ball on BC30. Great punt.
Drive: 3 plays, minus 17 yards, TOP 01:30
BOSTON COLLEGE drive start at 07:11.
1-10 at Bc30 4-2-5 Rouse,T rush for 1 yard to the BC31 (Hoskins, R.). Seven OL, a tight end and a fullback in the game for BC. Unbalanced line with 6 blockers to the right of the center, plus a pulling guard. BC has FSU completely outnumbered at the point of attack. Trey Marshall squeezes the play and blows up the tight end's down block, and though he ends up on the ground he completely jams up the backfield. Tremendous defense on this play.
2-9 at Bc31 4-2-5 Smith,T rush for 8 yards to the BC39, out-of-bounds (Brutus, L.). Jet sweep. Marquez White is the force defender and tries to go inside a block instead of taking it on and forcing the back to cut back to the middle of the field.
3-1 at Bc39 4-2-5 Wade,D rush for 2 yards to the BC41, 1ST DOWN BC (Hoskins, R.), PENALTY FS personal foul 15 yards to the FS44, 1ST DOWN BC. QB sneak. FSU really has no shot to stop this with only 4 DL in the game.
1-10 at Fs44 1st and 10.
1-10 at Fs44 Timeout Boston College, clock 05:45.
1-10 at Fs44 4-2-5 Wade,D pass incomplete to Nosovitch,B, dropped pass. 3 verts off of jet sweep action. Tight end is open and the throw is good, but he just drops it. Play was there to be made.
2-10 at Fs44 4-2-5 Willis,M rush for 5 yards to the FS39 (Pugh, J.). Sprint draw. Very old school play but BC has run it for years, very successfully.
3-5 at Fs39 4-2-5 Wade,D pass incomplete to Willis,M. FSU shows a cover three look, then blitzes Ramsey off the edge and rotates to a 2 deep shell. BC tries to throw a swing pass to the flat Ramsey is blitzing from, but Ramsey elevates and forces an errant throw.
4-5 at Fs39 Howell,A punt 39 yards to the FS0, touchback.
Drive: 6 plays, 31 yards, TOP 02:24 Terrible decision to punt by Addazio.
FLORIDA STATE drive start at 04:47.
1-10 at Fs20 21 Cook, D. rush for 1 yard to the FS21 (Landry,H). Inside Zone. There's not a lot of space here, but I think Dalvin needs to show some patience playside or bounce it outside rather than cutting back. There's just no cutback lane there.
2-9 at Fs21 11 Gun Golson, E. pass complete to Wilson, J. for 5 yards to the FS26 (Yiadom,I). Quick hitch vs press man coverage. Nice throw in rhythm by Golson.
3-4 at Fs26 10 Gun Trips Golson, E. rush for 3 yards to the FS29 (Johnson,J;Daniels,S). Golson mishandles the low snap, has to chase it away from the line of scrimmage, putting him directly in the path of edge rushers who the blockers are trying to push past the pocket. Golson shows why Jimbo named him the starter by evading the rush and turning this in to a positive play, even if it's just short of the first down.
4-1 at Fs29 Beatty, C. punt 44 yards to the BC27, fair catch by Alston,S. Good distance but tremendous height on this punt forces the fair catch.
Drive: 3 plays, 9 yards, TOP 02:22
BOSTON COLLEGE drive start at 02:25.
1-10 at Bc27 4-2-5 Hilliman,J rush for loss of 1 yard to the BC26 (Smith, T.;Sweat, J.). BC is again in their 7 OL unbalanced formation, this time running counter trey to the weak side. Demarcus Walker absorbs both the pulling linemen, stoning them and allowing Terrance Smith to stay clean and make the tackle. Tremendous penetration on the backside by Josh Sweat.
2-11 at Bc26 4-2-5 Hilliman,J rush for 11 yards to the BC37, 1ST DOWN BC (Brutus, L.). BC goes balanced in the jumbo package, extending the front and hitting an Iso run up the middle. While FSU has successfully managed to blow up the unbalanced runs with nickel personnel by getting penetration, in this instance BC gets a solid block across the front and there is no one to make the tackle.
1-10 at Bc37 4-2-5 Wade,D pass complete to Wolford,B for 6 yards to the BC43, out-of-bounds (Andrews, N.). Nate Andrews is a little late reacting to the tight end on the waggle and subsequently has a poor pursuit angle. Could have stopped this play for a shorter gain with better vision.
2-4 at Bc43 4-2-5 Hilliman,J rush for loss of 1 yard to the BC42 (Hoskins, R.). Power play. Beautiful job of scraping and keeping his feet free by Hoskins until the lane opens up and he's able to get to the back in the backfield. Nice job by the DL of taking on blocks and not giving ground.
3-5 at Bc42 4-2-5 Nascar Wade,D pass complete to Alston,S for 6 yards to the BC48, 1ST DOWN BC (Newberry, G.). Tunnel screen. Tyler Hunter and Nate Andrews have inside out leverage, but Hunter loses his footing, allowing the ball carrier to get back outside.
Drive: 5 plays, 21 yards, TOP 04:17
Florida State 7, Boston College 0