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Florida State football film review: Boston College 4th quarter

Full video breakdown of FSU's 4th quarter v. BC, found only at Tomahawk Nation.

Every week we break down the result of the previous Florida State game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Boston College? Which players played poorly? Where did the coaches do well, and when did they screw up?

Read to find out. Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

For other quarters, visit the film review section (All quarters up by Wednesday evening).

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2-9 at Bc13 425 Wade,D pass complete to Callinan,C for 15 yards to the BC28, 1ST DOWN BC (Brutus, L.). PA. Terrance gets sucked up in the play action and fails to get any depth as the TE releases up the seam. Need to be more disciplined as FSU begins to play QB's who can actually throw later in the schedule. Jalen is mad at Terrance.
1-10 at Bc28 425 Swigert,B rush for 8 yards to the BC36 (Christmas, D.). Jet sweep with an option for the WR to throw it. The FSU secondary does an awesome job to stay disciplined and not allow for the trick play. BC has convoy out front od the WR, if Trey Marshall shows more physicality in taking on his blocker, he probably stops thsi play for a short gain. Unfortunately, he elects to go around his blocker, opening up a running lane. Another good sign from Demarcus Christmas, he shows great effort to scrape across the field to make the tackle.
2-2 at Bc36 425 Alston,S rush for 6 yards to the BC42, 1ST DOWN BC (Ramsey, J.). Jet Sweep with ZR action. Walker is a little slow to react and allows his blocker to pin him inside. Needs to have better leverage. Hoskins was in position but fails to avoid the cut block and subsequently gets taken out. JRam does a nice job to shed his blocker to limit the gain.
1-10 at Bc42 425 Alston,S rush for loss of 1 yard to the BC41 (Smith, T.). Option reverse. Terrance Smith is all over it. He reads the reverse action and closes in a hurry, He absolutely destroys the ball carrier. Great to see him healthy.
2-11 at Bc41 425 Hilliman,J rush for loss of 5 yards to the BC36, fumble forced by Christmas, D., fumble by Hilliman,J recovered by FS Ramsey, J. at BC36, Ramsey, J. for 36 yards to the BC0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 12:20. Counter. Woo many awesome individual efforts on this play. Lets start with Christmas: He shows awesome discipline on the counter action. He gets up under the OG's pads and pushes him into the backfield, sheds the OG and blows up the RB in the backfield. Terrance Smith: With the back being held up by 90, Smith closes and puts his helmet on the ball and knocks it out, awesome technique. JRam: Jalen continues to show awesome effort, he is always around the ball. As 24 forces the fumble, 8 is right there to scoop and score. Huge play from the defense.
Drive: 9 plays, 35 yards, TOP 04:42
Aguayo, R. kick attempt good.
Florida State 14, Boston College 0
Aguayo, R. kickoff 64 yards to the BC1, Willis,M return 24 yards to the BC25 (Vickers, J.).
BOSTON COLLEGE drive start at 12:15.
1-10 at Bc25 425 Wade,D pass incomplete to Alston,S. Jet sweep action. Oh man, NLS is a one man wrecking crew. He pulls the an awesome swim move on the OG and is in the backfiled immediately. He forces the BC QB to leave the pocket and throw it away. NLS looks great 10 lbs lighter.
2-10 at Bc25 425 Wade,D sacked for loss of 8 yards to the BC17 (LawrenceStample). Guess who? NLS pulls he exact same swim move again and blows up the QB. If he wasn't there, Sweat would have had his first sack as he blew right by the LT. Really nasty injury to the BC QB.
3-18 at Bc17 317 Smith,J rush for 1 yard to the BC18, out-of-bounds (Ramsey, J.). Interesting....Nate is at the money. Tyler at Star. Derwin is playing Mike but it looks like is primary role is QB Spy. This is a designed draw from BC. Sweat pulls a great drop step inside move to get in his running lane, forcing the QB outside. Terrance avoids his block and shows great pursuit. Derwin is also in pursuit, forcing the QB to the sideline. Nowhere to go with Jalen out there. Great 3rd down defense.
4-17 at Bc18 Howell,A punt 39 yards to the FS43, downed.
Drive: 3 plays, minus 7 yards, TOP 01:00
FLORIDA STATE drive start at 11:15.
1-10 at Fs43 21 twins Cook, D. rush for 1 yard to the FS44 (Landry,H). Counter. BC is in a run blitz and Dalvin runs right into it. He tries to bounce outside but BC is far too disciplined.
2-9 at Fs44 21 gun Cook, D. rush for loss of 4 yards to the FS40 (Daniels,S). ZR. BC coming on a run blitz. Are is pulling but is slow out of his stance. The blitzing backer blows him up in the backfield. Play is over before it starts. U-G-L-Y
3-13 at Fs40 21 Gun Cook, D. rush for loss of 5 yards to the FS35 (Landry,H). ZR. The DE isn't even worried about Golson keeping, he crashes hard from the backside and tackles Cook before he can even get going. If Golson keeps, he runs for an easy 1st down. Not good.
4-18 at Fs35 Beatty, C. punt 54 yards to the BC11, Alston,S return 13 yards to the BC24 (Hoskins, R.). MVP! MVP! MVP!
Drive: 3 plays, minus 8 yards, TOP 02:10
BOSTON COLLEGE drive start at 09:05.
1-10 at Bc24 425 Smith,J rush for 7 yards to the BC31, out-of-bounds. Triple option. Hoskins crashes on the dive action, this puts Trey in conflict because he has to decide on the either the QB or the RB. He does a nice job to string it out but was left out to dry by his teammate. Good teaching moment.
2-3 at Bc31 425 Wilson,R rush for 1 yard to the BC32 (Northrup, R.). FB Dive. NLS and Newberry have great leverage on their blockers. This keeps the OL from getting to the second level and frees up Northrup to bring the pain.
3-2 at Bc32 Timeout Boston College, clock 07:47.
3-2 at Bc32 425 Willis,M rush for 9 yards to the BC41, 1ST DOWN BC (Northrup, R.). ZR with jet sweep action. Newberry does a nice job to force the QB to give but Northrup is really slow to get out on the RB. Nate is there but gets cut down. Reggie can't be close to 100%. Think we need to have our LB's and Secondary working on shedding cut blocks during the bye.
1-10 at Bc41 425 Smith,J pass incomplete. oh holy crap. Nnadi is an animal. He explodes out of his stance and blows through a double team. He forces the QB to scramble right into a blitzing Trey Marshall. QB has nowhere to go and throws it away.
2-10 at Bc41 425 Flutie,T pass complete to Alston,S for 9 yards to the 50 yardline (White, M.). BC runs a cowboy route combination. Slot suns an out and WR runs a curl. White gets a little too much depth on his drop (I think he was trying to bait the QB) and allows for the completion. He does close quickly and make a nice tackle to limit the gain.
3-1 at Bc50 425 Flutie,T rush for 2 yards to the FS48, 1ST DOWN BC (Mitchell Jr, D.). QB sneak. Nice stalemate b the DL but he gets it.
1-10 at Fs48 425 Flutie,T rush for 6 yards to the FS42 (Northrup, R.). Secondary has great coverage but Mitchell gets out of his lane, allowing the QB to escape for a positive gain.
2-4 at Fs42 425 Willis,M rush for 2 yards to the FS40 (Northrup, R.). Draw play. Nice job by Northrup to fill and make the tackle.
3-2 at Fs40 425 Flutie,T pass incomplete to Jackson,H (Brutus, L.). Jalen coming on the blitz. Brutus does an awesome job to read the slant and almost pick it off.
4-2 at Fs40 425 Flutie,T rush for loss of 1 yard to the FS41 (Walker, D.). Speed option from the gun. I think BC was hoping to catch FSU crashing on an inside run. FSU shows great discipline. Terrance scrapes and forces the QB to cut right into Walker.
Drive: 10 plays, 35 yards, TOP 04:09
FLORIDA STATE drive start at 04:56.
1-10 at Fs41 22 Pender, M. rush for 14 yards to the BC45, 1ST DOWN FS (Yiadom,I). heyyyy. Power. Kelly and Bell seal their men inside, Mavin does a great job to cut the OLB. Freddie kicks out the safety and Pender hits the hole hard. Rare success.
1-10 at Bc45 22 Pender, M. rush for no gain to the BC45 (Wujciak,C). BC is bringing 9 guys plus they run a twist with the DL. Of course, we run power right into the stunt. BC bringing more guys than FSU can block. At this point Jimbo is happy to punt and escape with a win.
2-10 at Bc45 22 Pender, M. rush for no gain to the BC45 (Wujciak,C). OZ. BC brought 10. Can't block them. PA pass would have gone for a touchdown here.
3-10 at Bc45 Timeout Boston College, clock 03:13.
3-10 at Bc45 11 gun Golson, E. pass incomplete to Rudolph, T., PENALTY BC pass interference 14 yards to the BC31, 1ST DOWN FS, NO PLAY. This was a touchdown. Rudolph has two yards on the CB and Golson throws an awful pass. Luckily FSU get the PI call.
1-10 at Bc31 22 Pender, M. rush for 1 yard to the BC30 (Abdesmad,M). Power nowhere to go, BC bringing a 10 guys.
2-9 at Bc30 Pender, M. rush for 1 yard to the BC29 (Landry,H). Power nowhere to go, BC bringing a 10 guys.
3-8 at Bc29 PENALTY BC personal foul 15 yards to the BC14, 1ST DOWN FS. game over
1-10 at Bc14 Pender, M. rush for 2 yards to the BC12 (Daniels,S).
2-8 at Bc12 Pender, M. rush for loss of 1 yard to the BC13 (Landry,H).
3-9 at Bc13 Pender, M. rush for 2 yards to the BC11 (Landry,H;Schwab,T).
4-7 at Bc11 Timeout Florida State, clock 00:08.
4-7 at Bc11 Golson, E. pass incomplete to Campbell, G..
Drive: 9 plays, 48 yards, TOP 00:00