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Tomahawk Nation's Welcome Back College Football Game Thread

There are two times of the year: Off-season and college football season. WELCOME BACK, COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON.

"Don't care, football season."
"Don't care, football season."
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

At Tomahawk Nation, we like college football. All of college football. Join us in celebrating the glorious return of the best sport in the land. This is your open thread for Thursday and Friday games. Watch games, comment on games. We will have, of course, another thread for Saturday and the FSU game.

Haven't properly prepared yourself for the 2015 FSU campaign? Then you should click on these and listen.

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Tonight, we get the one and only Spurrier, selflessly leading us out of the darkness, into the bright, new college football season. He's the hero we all need and deserve. The game kicks off at 6:00 PM ET on ESPN. The odds makers have South Carolina favored by 2 (click the link for all odds this weekend) . So, basically a coin flip. FUN!

Your other ACC scouting opportunities aren't great. Tonight we have Duke at Tulane at 9:30 PM, Elon at Wake Forest at 7 PM, and Alcorn St. at Georgia Tech at 7:30 PM. The biggest take away from those three games is, please don't lose ACC.

The other games that you will actually want to watch tonight are TCU at Minnesota at 9 PM and Michigan at Utah at 8:30 PM. TCU is ranked second in the country. We'll get an opportunity to see if they are a serious contender for the playoffs. And Michigan, well, they went out and got some coach named Jim Harbaugh. Michigan wants to be a respectable program again and they are willing to pay for it.

While you wait for the games to start, take a look at Week 1's Best Bets.