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Jimbo Fisher call-in show updates/takeaways: Wake Forest week

Jimbo Fisher held his weekly call-in show on Wednesday. What questions were asked and what are the main takeaways?

Gene Deckerhoff and Jimbo Fisher at their weekly call-in show.
Gene Deckerhoff and Jimbo Fisher at their weekly call-in show.
Curt Weiler

With this week's Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show in the books, here are some takeaways from what Fisher said.

When does Fisher go for two?

After Butch Jones' widely criticized decision to take the extra point to go up 27-14 in their loss to Florida this past Saturday, one caller wanted to hear for sure that Fisher would handle the situation differently. He was quick to assure the fanbase that he would go for the two-point conversion if he was in the same situation. He further stated that he believes it makes sense to go for two in that situation a good deal of the time, with the decision getting a bit tougher if the scenario occurs in the first half.

Fisher's opinion on the SEC

A caller into tonight's show wanted to know what Coach Fisher thinksthe main difference between the SEC and other conferences is, with regard to perception. Fisher decided to make a very public stand on the issue, stating that the main reason for the SEC's raised perception is that they are willing to pump more money into marketing and advertising. He summed up his opinion on the matter by saying that "[The SEC] is a great league but they didn't invent football."

Bye week improvements

A caller midway through the show wanted to know where FSU needs to improve the most going forward. Fisher did well to not throw any specific position group under the bus, instead replying that the team has had a lack of mental toughness, which allows for mental mistakes. He thinks this boils down to how young and inexperienced this team is but that those problems are very fixable going forward.

For a full rundown of the show, check the comment section at the bottom of the page for my updates from the show.