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Florida State football v. Texas State: Staff predictions

Tomahawk Nation writers weigh in on the season home-opener against Texas State.

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For more on the 8 ET game Saturday between Florida State and Texas State, check out the Tomahawk Nation preview.

Pat: 34-17. The Seminoles are in for more of a challenge than I think a lot of fans realize. FSU should have the firepower to pull away, but Texas State will make them sweat a bit.

Evan: 38-10. There's little doubt FSU will win this game so the larger question is by how much? I expect FSU to throw the ball quite a bit to try and work out the kinks and there will likely be quite a few. Add in the possibility of rain and you can easily see FSU not looking good but still winning big.

Rob (ricobert1): 44-16. Some rain early, maybe during the game. FSU O goes passing scrimmage, I think TSU will have a little success moving the ball. If TSU goes blitz happy, I expect Golson to bomb it, though, so I could see FSU dropping 55+ also.

Paolo (pbysh): 35-10, I definitely think some fans do not appreciate what Texas State brings to the table. I wouldn't be surprised if the score is 21-10 going into the fourth quarter with a couple late TD's bringing us to 35-10. I have very real concerns about this offense and can't give them 40 points until I see it. Expect an ugly game.

Bud: 41-17. Dennis Franchione is a heck of a football coach, and I think FSU will shoot itself in the foot a few times on offense. For a deeper explanation, listen to the podcast.

Chuck (ChuckB_58): 40-17, offense will move the ball but settle for a few field goals. Defense will be shaky at first allowing early TD but settle in and make plays in the back field. Both Golson and Maguire throw an interception.

Stephen (cinefunk): 35-21, The kryptonite of Florida State is expected to fall from the sky Saturday night, and with the sheer amount of uncertainty in this team I can't see it going all that smooth. First games are always filled with fun and this one won't be any different.

Andrew (MillerAndrew): 34-20, It is going to be a slow start with a good Texas State team, rain wouldnt be surprised if it was a one score game in the middle of the third, but I think FSU will pull falling from the sky, and Florida State playing in their first game together with this "new team." I it out in the end.

Alan: 45-17. It may be a slog early, but superior athleticism takes over as the game wears on.

David (NoleThruandThru): FSU 37, TX St 10. Ugly first quarter as Golson and co get adjusted. 17-3 at half. 3 Aguayo FGs, Cook and Patrick get a TD each, Golson runs for a TD and Maguire tosses one to Lane.

David Visser: 37-17, FSU. I'm interested to see how the ‘Noles address Texas State's running game out of the spread attack, but I think the Bobcats will see some success here. The FSU offensive line still needs to gel more, but talent alone gets it done for the Seminoles in the opener.

TimScribble: 34-17, FSU. The offensive line struggles. Texas State scores early. The fans have a melt down. National Media rejoices. Jimbo anguishes. Bud nods his head with a "I told you so smirk."

Jake: 45-14 FSU. A rout from the first to the fourth as the Everett Golson rust isn't apparent and two defensive touchdowns put this one away.

Juan (jmnpb996): 41-13 FSU. TSU has a solid offense and will get some value drives. This will do nothing to quell the insane #FireKelly hashtag brigade. FSU's offense won't click perfectly, but some explosive plays from superior athletes overpowers these West Texas State Glowering Mongrels and the game gets blown open late. Jimbo runs the ball just once this game.

Curt Weiler: 41-14 FSU. A Texas State offense that returns 9 offensive starters from last year's team will have a bit of success against the Seminoles but Florida State's talent is too much after a close first quarter. Although the scoring margin seems acceptable, Florida State will make some mistakes that can be attributed to growing pains.

Josh: FSU wins 37-13. Texas State has some talent & is well-coached. The Noles win comfortably, but it probably won't be pretty.

Michael Rogner: I know nothing about Texas State except that I watched their basketball team score 27 points in a game against the Longhorns last year. FSU will win 44-10.

Kyle Griffis: 38-17 FSU. On offense, I'll be watching to see just how well the offensive line protects Golson because I expect to see a lot of throws in the first half. On the defensive side, I'm excited to see just how much the pass rush has developed under Lawing. I hope we get to see some decent pressure up front throughout the game. I think this one stays relatively close until the second half, especially if it rains. Texas State's offense is both underrated and very seasoned.

Matt Minnick: Is Kathy Ireland still kicking for Texas State? Surely that old man QB has exhausted his eligibility by now. Score is a little close for comfort at halftime, but Noles use some big plays in the second half to open things up. FSU wins 37-16. *bonus pick* Va Tech upsets Joey Bosa-less Ohio State 24-23 on Labor Day.

DKfromVA: 33-13. Experienced HUNH spread option, Franchione, playing with no expectations against a whole bunch of inexperience in game one. And it might be wet. I dunno, let's just see it already.

Onebarrelrum: Texas State is not a terrible team. They are well coached and unlikely to give up if they get down a couple scores early. Their QB has a decent arm and the RB is fairly shifty with good vision. We'll say FSU 41, Texas State 17.

Jared (PhenomeNole): 45-9. Texas State ain't bad. But FSU will overwhelm them with size and speed. On offense, I expect Fisher to try and work out the kinks in the passing game. On defense, I'm excited to see the different personnel groupings Kelly utilizes. Should be fun. Don't forget to drink obscene amounts of liquor and beer. Rejoice! It's finally here.