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Florida State football v. Texas State: Lightning delay updates

Your source for the latest on when conditions may allow Florida State and Texas State to kickoff.

Update: The 70:00 warm-up clock has re-started, and both FSU and Texas State have retaken the field. Kickoff is scheduled for 9:05.

The FSU football season was scheduled to commence at 8:09 this evening, as the 'Noles welcome the Texas State Bobcats to Tallahassee. After fall camp and a week of preparation for TSU, several questions revolve around this Florida State team, and we hope to have some answers later tonight-- or maybe tomorrow morning.

That's because a sizable storm system is currently making its way throughout the Tallahassee area and has delayed the start of this one. We're currently in a lightning delay until 7:50 pm, and the countdown clock has been halted at 70:00. Although we've not gotten any rain, the field has been cleared for player safety, while the crowd has been allowed to remain at their discretion (the student section is nearly full, and looks like it will be at capacity soon).

A lot of the severe weather appears to have moved off to the west, although there remains some systems that could head this way from the north, but that may just be rain. Our tentative start time has been rescheduled for 9:05 pm, as we continue to take in a pretty impressive display of lightning spidering across the night sky. We'll provide updates, so check back with us often.