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Florida State football crushes Texas State: Instant reaction podcast

Florida State dominated Texas State Saturday, 59-16, overwhelming the Bobcats with its athleticism. Bud Elliott fired up the recorder for an instant reaction version of The Nolecast.

I lead off with a discussion of quarterback Everett Golson, who threw for 300 yards, four touchdowns, and no turnovers. Golson seemed comfortable with the limited offense FSU ran, and really, that is the point: limiting the passing offense and pounding the rock.

And pound the rock FSU did, as FSU's running backs carried the ball 37 times for 267 yards. Everett Golson threw only about 10 passes that were not off of playaction, a rollout or a screen. That's building the gameplan around the run.

But I was more impressed with the defense, largely because Texas State's offense is a lot better than its defense. I discuss what the defense did well, where the special teams went wrong, and then answer reader questions.

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