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Florida State Football: Jimbo Fisher Sunday Seminole Chat

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher joins the Jeff Cameron Show every Monday on 979 ESPN Radio. We have the advanced copy of the audio.

Fisher was most pleased with the defense, and loved how quickly it rallied to the football against Texas State. Fisher said that the defense did a tremendous job of dealing with the multiplicity of things that Texas State throws at a defense, including the option stuff and the pace of the Texas State offense. Fisher loved how the defense played as a team.

Fisher was also pleased with QB Everett Golson and the extremely young supporting cast around him. Fisher acknowledged wanting to run the ball and give the ball to Florida State's best player, Dalvin Cook. He was happy with the play of the young offensive linemen relative to their inexperience, and noted injured players Derrick Kelly, Cole Minshew, and Chad Mavety could soon return as reinforcements.

Fisher lamented the issues with special teams, including two kickoffs out-of-bounds, two dropped punts, and a fake punt allowed.  But he was pleased with the kick return game and said that FSU had worked hard on that.