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Florida State football podcast: Analyzing the defense after Texas State

Analysis of the defense and special teams for Florida State against Texas State.

Ingram Smith and Bud Elliott return for another edition of The Nolecast, this time to discuss Florida State's dominant defense in the win over Texas State. To listen to the analysis of the offense, check out the offense podcast.

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A brief rundown of what we discussed on the podcast:

First is perspective, FSU's defense was much better than its offense, despite what many fans thought. Jimbo Fisher agreed, noting that Texas State's offense was a much tougher test than  its defense.

We discuss the energy and the lack of missed assignments overall, and then discuss the team effort.

We then discuss the surprise that was Giorgio Newberry playing well for the defensive line and wonder why now for the big man? And we get into how the other defensive linemen played. And we take a reader question: are we worried that FSU had just one sack and that it came from a defensive back?

How did FSU's starters at linebacker play? Are we more confident in the reserves at linebacker after seeing them live?

We pivot and discuss the defensive backs. Florida State is going to be very tough to run against on the edges because receivers are going to have trouble blocking Jalen Ramsey and Marquez White. Then discuss the surprise that was Lamarcus Brutus, the fifth-year safety who is actually making the calls for the secondary and getting guys lined up. Some discussion of Nate Andrews' play, and a discussion of the job done by Trey Marshall and Tyler Hunter at the star position.

Then we discuss the special teams cluster and wonder how FSU has not found a better punter than Cason Beatty after three years of poor play?

Finally, there is some ACC talk, and chatter about all the big injuries suffered by the league. And we give our playoff four (warning: some major SEC love is given).