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Florida State football film review: Texas State 2nd quarter

Analysis up Florida State v. Texas State in the second quarter.

Every week we break down the result of the previous Florida State game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Texas State? Which players played poorly? Where did the coaches do well, and when did they screw up?

Read to find out. Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

For other quarters, visit the film review section (All quarters up by Wednesday evening).

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2nd Quarter
3-4 at Txst41 Start of 2nd quarter, clock 15:00.
3-4 at Txst41 4-2-5 28-Lowe, Robert rush up middle for no gain to the TXST41 (24-Terrance Smith;90-Demarcus Christmas), clock 14:32. Really nice job by Terrance Smith. Waits for the QB to commit to giving to the running back on the inside zone, then fills the gap and makes the tackle.
4-4 at Txst41 12-Kaba, Lumi rush left for 11 yards to the FS48, 1ST DOWN TXST, out-of-bounds, clock 14:14. Very undisciplined rush by Giorgio Newbery as he gets to the punt protectors and tries to pull an inside move. This allows the punter to get the corner and convert the first down. Newberry has to keep outside leverage and turn the punter inside back towards his help to stop this fake.
Previous play was a fake punt, and rush by the punter Kaba.
1-10 at Fs48 4-2-5 28-Lowe, Robert rush left for 2 yards to the FS46 (1H-Tyler Hunter;24-Terrance Smith). Bubble screen to the field. FSU is reading and reacting to these very quickly. It also helps that Texas State's WRs absolutely cannot block FSU's DBs. Not even a little bit.
Ruled Lateral
2-8 at Fs46 4-2-5 2-Jones, Tyler pass complete to 80-Gaines, Jafus for 3 yards to the FS43 (42-Lamarcus Brutus;8-Jalen Ramsey). Packaged play, IZ with a bubble screen. QB throws the bubble and Brutus comes up from the safety position to make the tackle. Also credit Ramsey for disrupting the play by stoning the WR's block. Brutus is taking great angles in both run support and coverage.
3-5 at Fs43 4-2-5 2-Jones, Tyler pass complete to 9-Best, C.J. for 5 yards to the FS38, 1ST DOWN TXST (24-Terrance Smith), clock 12:32. Texas State catches FSU in a blitz and finally gets a decent gain out of one of these bubbles. FSU is blitzing both Hunter and Marshall from the slot, leaving Smith to get out in coverage of the slot receiver. He is unable to get there in time and has to track the receiver down from behind.
1-10 at Fs38 4-2-5 2-Jones, Tyler rush over left end for 26 yards to the FS12, 1ST DOWN TXST (27-Marquez White;42-Lamarcus Brutus), clock 12:19. Midline option with the defense turning the defensive tackle, Nile Lawrence-Stample free and reading him. A number of breakdowns defensively on this play. First, NLS must recognize that he's unblocked because they're reading him and come under control so as not to give the QB a clear read. He chases the back, gives the QB an easy keep read and is totally out of position when the QB does pull the ball. Terrance Smith starts to flow with the back, which is not necessarily a problem, but he turns his body perpendicular to the line of scrimmage so that the guard has an easy time hooking him and sealing him off from the backside. Linebackers must keep their shoulders parallel to the line of scrimmage as they strafe horizontally. Finally, while it's not on camera, it certainly appears from where and when he appears on camera that Brutus was late reacting and/or may have gotten himself out of position by flowing with the back.
1-10 at Fs12 4-2-5 28-Lowe, Robert rush over right end for 3 yards to the FS9 (91-Derrick Nnadi), clock 11:52. Terrance Smith is a little late reacting to the delayed dive. Nnadi is able to shed and make the tackle but the back falls forward for a positive gain.
2-7 at Fs09 4-2-5 2-Jones, Tyler sideline pass incomplete to 5-Smith, Brandon, clock 11:37. Hitch Curl combo from a 2 WR stack. There's some room to complete the curl but the QB throws it well behind the receiver, who almost makes a spectacular catch.
3-7 at Fs09 Timeout Texas State, clock 11:37.
3-7 at Fs09 2-3-6 2-Jones, Tyler screen pass incomplete to 28-Lowe, Robert, clock 11:34. Really interesting package. Only 2 down linemen, but 6 defenders total all showing blitz. Ultimately only 4 rush, the two DEs and a double A gap blitz from Terrance Smith and Keith Sweat. Classic zone blitz technique as the aim is to create pressure by confusing the offense as to which defenders are rushing, rather than overwhelming them with numbers. The intimidation factor appears to work as the QB is running as soon as the ball is snapped and throws wildly over the head of the back in the flat. TxSt also has two receivers running the same route in the same area...probably an assignment bust.
4-7 at Fs09 43-Sherman, James field goal attempt from 26 GOOD, clock 11:30.
Florida State 14, Texas State 3
Drive: 12 plays, 56 yards, TOP 04:11 Really solid defense for most of this drive, but allowing the fake punt to convert and then doing a poor job of defending the midline option was all it took to give up a score.
12-Kaba, Lumi kickoff 65 yards to the FS0, touchback.
1-10 at Fs25 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 11:30.
1-10 at Fs25 11 6-Everett Golson middle right pass incomplete to 88-Mavin Saunders, dropped pass, clock 11:25. Inside zone fake with Mavin Saunders sneaking out the backside. He's wide open and just drops it. Unfortunate as he would have had a lot of room to run.
2-10 at Fs25 21 Pony 6-Everett Golson screen pass complete to 7-Mario Pender for 7 yards to the FS32 (44-Pearson, Roosevelt), clock 11:06. Can't identify the WR routes/coverage due to camera angles. Golson doesn't like what he sees downfield and checks down to Pender in the flat. Texas State defenders are in position but Pender freezes two of them with a wicked dead leg and turns it into a 7 yard gain.
3-3 at Fs32 Timeout Florida State, clock 10:50.
3-3 at Fs32 11 Gun 6-Everett Golson rush quarterback scramble for no gain to the FS32 (7-Anyama, Easy), clock 10:38. Some questionable decision making by Golson on this play. He bails out of a very clean pocket, then runs parallel to the line of scrimmage with his eyes downfield. If you're going to wait for something to open up downfield, stay in the pocket where the passing lanes are better. If you're going to bail the pocket, remember that it's 3rd down and go get the first down. Worry about making a big play on the next set of downs.
4-3 at Fs32 38-Cason Beatty punt 44 yards to the TXST24, 6-McDowell, Brandon return 10 yards to the TXST34 (20-Trey Marshall).
Drive: 3 plays, 7 yards, TOP 01:18
1-10 at Txst34 TEXAS STATE drive start at 10:12.
1-10 at Txst34 4-2-5 2-Jones, Tyler middle left pass incomplete to 9-Best, C.J., clock 10:09. FSU's DBs are playing incredibly far off the WRs to the trips side. This simple out route would have been an easy completion if not for a bad throw.
2-10 at Txst34 4-2-5 28-Lowe, Robert rush right for no gain to the TXST34 (27-Marquez White), clock 09:49. Outside Zone run and Rick Leonard does a great job stoning the tackle, pushing him back into the backfield and then getting outside leverage to turn the runner back into the middle of the field. I'm going to need Derrick Mitchell to make this tackle for loss rather than letting the back cut back to the other side of the field. Nice stick by Marquez White.
3-10 at Txst34 3-3-5 2-Jones, Tyler crossing pass incomplete to 80-Gaines, Jafus, clock 09:25. Shallow cross is well defended by Ramsey. Ball gets batted up into the air and Terrance Smith cannot come up with the easy interception. FSU is not sacking the QB, but they are clearly influencing him as the ball is coming out earlier than it should and very inaccurately.
4-10 at Txst34 12-Kaba, Lumi punt 35 yards to the FS31, 27-Marquez White return -2 yards to the FS29, fumble by 27-Marquez White recovered by TXST 21-Clanton, Dante at FS29. Catch ball.
Drive: 3 plays, 0 yards, TOP 00:56
1-10 at Fs29 TEXAS STATE drive start at 09:16.
1-10 at Fs29 4-2-5 2-Jones, Tyler deep pass complete to 30-Nutall, Chris for 25 yards to the FS4, 1ST DOWN TXST, clock 09:10. Texas State takes advantage of Jalen Ramsey's aggressive play by running a pop pass to the back who motioned out of the backfield after showing a QB power run. Dennis Franchione is doing a great job of running unusual plays right after sudden change situations where the defense has to run back out onto the field.
1-G at Fs04 3-3-5 30-Nutall, Chris rush over left tackle for 4 yards to the FS0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 09:06. Inverted veer with Inside Zone blocking. FSU is clearly expecting a pass here as they have DBs blitzing off the edge from the field. Texas State runs to the other side and overpowers the line.
43-Sherman, James kick attempt good.
Florida State 14, Texas State 10
Drive: 2 plays, 29 yards, TOP 00:17 The defense must be better prepared mentally for sudden change situations.
12-Kaba, Lumi kickoff 65 yards to the FS0, 8-Jalen Ramsey return 37 yards to the FS37, out-of-bounds (15-Rosemond, Dila).
1-10 at Fs37 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 08:59.
1-10 at Fs37 PENALTY FS false start (81-Ryan Izzo) 5 yards to the FS32, clock 08:59.
1-15 at Fs32 21 6-Everett Golson deep out pass complete to 15-Travis Rudolph for 14 yards to the FS46, out-of-bounds, clock 08:53. Play action, 7 step drop. Beautiful pass protection and an absolutely perfect throw on the deep out to the far side of the field. Not many college QBs have the arm to make this throw. Nice anticipation as well.
Official Review: Call on the field is a completed pass.
Official Review: The ruling on the field stands.
2-1 at Fs46 21 Twins 4-Dalvin Cook rush up middle for 3 yards to the FS49, 1ST DOWN FS (63-McClarty, Dallas), clock 08:27. Inside Zone. Corey Martinez gets knocked backwards by the nose tackle, who is able to shed and make the tackle. Luckily Cook had enough momentum to fall forwards for the first down. This will be something to watch. If Texas State's nose can do this to Martinez, lots of teams will be able to do it.
1-10 at Fs49 21 4-Dalvin Cook rush right for 5 yards to the TXST46 (20-Johnson, Stephan;22-Mims, David), clock 07:43. FSU finally comes back with a counter run. Brock Ruble gets to the second level and is confronted with three defenders to choose from. Knowing that the back will be breaking back to the weak side, he needs to block the defender furthest to that side and hope to get in the way of the others. Instead he chooses the middle defender and the one in the best position to make the tackle goes unblocked.
2-5 at Txst46 21 Pony Twins 4-Dalvin Cook rush over left tackle for 36 yards to the TXST10, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds (22-Mims, David), clock 07:09. Inside Zone with zone read action. FSU catches the Texas State secondary in the middle of some kind of last second coverage shift and as a result the defense is totally out of position. Solid blocking on the edge by Travis Rudolph springs the run.
1-G at Txst10 21 7-Mario Pender rush over right end for 3 yards to the TXST7 (63-McClarty, Dallas;57-Berry, Karee), clock 06:52. There is a missed call or assignment on this inside zone run. Texas State lines up with two 1 technique tackles, aligned to the outside of the center on both sides. It is extremely difficult to get good blocking angles for an inside zone run against this alignment. You can't combo block both tackles and the backside tackle is going to be extremely difficult to block. Ideally you would check to power vs. this front as there is a big bubble between the tackle and end. Nobody does that and the backside tackle is able to penetrate and chase the play down from behind. Good hard running from Pender to stick it up in there and get as much as he can.
2-G at Txst07 22 7-Mario Pender rush over left end for 6 yards to the TXST1 (37-Gay, Tim;63-McClarty, Dallas), clock 06:15. Outside Zone left. Kareem Are gets a good engage against his defender but needs to keep his feet moving to keep control of his man and create lanes. Really nice block by Stevenson at the point of attack and good job by Pender of staying as close to his lead blocker as possible and making the most of his block.
3-G at Txst01 Timeout Florida State, clock 05:47.
3-G at Txst01 23 7-Mario Pender rush over left tackle for 1 yard to the TXST0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 05:44. Power play with 2 lead blockers and a pulling guard all leading the way for the back. Just overwhelming Texas State with bodies and size.
19-Roberto Aguayo kick attempt good.
Florida State 21, Texas State 10
Drive: 7 plays, 63 yards, TOP 03:20
19-Roberto Aguayo kickoff 65 yards to the TXST0, 5-Smith, Brandon return 20 yards to the TXST20 (35-Lorenzo Phillips;20-Trey Marshall).
1-10 at Txst20 TEXAS STATE drive start at 05:39.
1-10 at Txst20 4-2-5 2-Jones, Tyler rush option right for 6 yards to the TXST26, out-of-bounds (42-Lamarcus Brutus), clock 05:34. Inverted veer, with the quarterback reading Newberry. Giorgio stems inside and the QB keeps around the end. Good run support from Brutus.
2-4 at Txst26 4-2-5 2-Jones, Tyler screen pass incomplete to 30-Nutall, Chris, clock 05:24. TV missed half the play. Can't tell if it's a half roll or screen but the QB gives up and throws it in the dirt at the feet of a receiver.
3-4 at Txst26 4-2-5 2-Jones, Tyler middle left pass complete to 9-Best, C.J. for 4 yards to the TXST30, 1ST DOWN TXST, clock 05:02. FSU runs an end-tackle twist, which is an odd choice on 3rd and 4 when it's likely the ball will be coming out quickly. Andrews reacts well to the out route by the slot, but his alignment in this defense had him too far off the ball to prevent the completion.
1-10 at Txst30 4-2-5 30-Nutall, Chris rush over left guard for 1 yard to the TXST31 (99-Nile LawrenceStample), clock 04:37. Counter trey with zone read backfield action. Nice fill by Terrance Smith and the back tries to cut backside, where NLS sheds and makes the tackle for no gain.
2-9 at Txst31 4-2-5 30-Nutall, Chris rush left for loss of 3 yards to the TXST28, out-of-bounds (27-Marquez White), clock 04:05. FSU has the perfect call on as they are blitzing Marquez White directly into the run. He is held like crazy but disrupts the play enough to force the back off his path and eventually makes the tackle. Great play.
3-12 at Txst28 4-2-5 2-Jones, Tyler rush quarterback scramble for 6 yards to the TXST34 (44-DeMarcus Walker), clock 03:26. Another fun package from FSU, with the four down linemen consisting entirely of DE/OLB types. Pugh, Newberry, Walker and Sweat are all rushing the passer, with Walker and Newberry running a tackle stunt. Newberry comes free and flushes the QB and Walker cleans up the play short of the first down.
4-6 at Txst34 12-Kaba, Lumi punt 45 yards to the FS21, 15-Travis Rudolph return 0 yards to the FS21, fumble by 15-Travis Rudolph recovered by FS 7-Mario Pender at FS20. Travis Rudolph signals for a fair catch and then misjudges the ball, possibly because he looked down at the approaching defender. If you call for the fair catch, run to where you need to get to and if somebody gets in your way it'll draw a flag. Don't defer to anyone.
Drive: 6 plays, 14 yards, TOP 02:36
1-10 at Fs20 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 03:03, FS ball on FS20.
1-10 at Fs20 22 4-Dalvin Cook rush left for loss of 9 yards to the FS11 (57-Berry, Karee;2A-Woodard, Demetrius), clock 02:35. Complete confusion on this play. Most of the line blocks as if the run is going to the right, but Wilson Bell pulls to the left and Kareem Are looks like he's either doing a pass set or stepping back to pull to the right before running aimlessly upfield with his arms flailing. Golson initially holds the ball out to the right, then sees Cook going left and switches hands to give him the ball. With this kind of confusion I have to think Golson may have garbled the play call.
2-19 at Fs11 11 Gun Trips 6-Everett Golson wide receiver screen left pass complete to 15-Travis Rudolph for 4 yards to the FS15 (2A-Woodard, Demetrius), clock 01:57. Tunnel screen and man, if Bobo Wilson does a better job cutting his defender, this play was going to go for a big gain.
3-15 at Fs15 11 Gun 4-Dalvin Cook rush over left guard for 15 yards to the FS30, 1ST DOWN FS (2A-Woodard, Demetrius), clock 01:20. Power play with zone read action. Great blocking up front and Bobo Wilson gets a nice block downfield. Great burst from Cook on this play.
1-10 at Fs30 11 Gun 6-Everett Golson sacked for loss of 10 yards to the FS20 (2A-Woodard, Demetrius), clock 00:54. Golson again shows a lack of patience/pocket feel here. The pocket is still relatively clean when he pulls the ball down, and he doesn't take advantage of clear escape lanes when he does.
2-20 at Fs20 11 Gun 7-Mario Pender rush left for 12 yards to the FS32, out-of-bounds, PENALTY FS holding declined, clock 00:29. Same power play with zone read action from two plays ago. Similar result, except Pender takes it around the end instead of off tackle.
3-8 at Fs32 11 7-Mario Pender rush right for 3 yards to the FS35 (40-Smith, Stephen). Outside zone right, just not blocked very well at all. Martinez misses the backside cutoff. Ermon Lane holds the defender and still doesn't block him.
4-5 at Fs35 Timeout Texas State, clock 00:22.
4-5 at Fs35 38-Cason Beatty punt 39 yards to the TXST26, fair catch by 15-Rosemond, Dila.
Drive: 6 plays, 15 yards, TOP 02:47 Rough drive. Interesting that Jimbo did not take the opportunity to run a traditional 2 minute drive.
1-10 at Txst26 TEXAS STATE drive start at 00:16.
1-10 at Txst26 3-2-6 2-Jones, Tyler deep pass complete to 9-Best, C.J. for 19 yards to the TXST45, 1ST DOWN TXST (16-Jacob Pugh;29-Nate Andrews). Snag concept? FSU is playing very conservative in the secondary, just trying not to give up a cheap score before the half
1-10 at Txst45 Timeout Texas State, clock 00:07.
1-10 at Txst45 3-2-6 2-Jones, Tyler deep pass incomplete to 84-Carden, Ryan. FSU rushes 3 and Keith Sweat very nearly records his first sack. The QB is forced away from the 3 receiver side and lofts a prayer that is nearly picked off
2-10 at Txst45 End of half, clock 00:00.
Drive: 2 plays, 19 yards, TOP 00:16
Florida State 21, Texas State 10