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Jimbo Fisher call-in show updates/takeaways: Pre-USF show

Jimbo Fisher will participate in his second weekly call-in show, answering phone calls and audience questions about the past weekend's game against Texas State and this weekend's game against USF.

Jimbo Fisher and Gene Deckerhoff at the Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show
Jimbo Fisher and Gene Deckerhoff at the Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show
Curt Weiler

In the comments section at the bottom of the page, you will find a full summary of the call-in show. Here, I will summarize a few of my major takeaways from this week's edition of the Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show:

Ramsey as punt returner?

Unsurprisingly, many of the phone calls dealt with special teams after multiple glaring special teams issues in FSU's win over Texas State this past Saturday. One caller wanted to know if Jalen Ramsey was capable of returning punts. Fisher replied that Ramsey has seen reps as a backup punt returner in practice but he is hesitant to add that role to Ramsey's plate, which includes kick returning, defense, and kick coverage already, as he does not want to overwork him.

Just how big is Roberto Aguayo's range?

One person wanted to know at what point on the field Fisher is comfortable letting Aguayo attempt a field goal. Fisher shocked all in attendance by saying that he has seen Aguayo hit up to 65 yard field goals in practice. He further stated that Aguayo can hit up to 80 yards on a kickoff.

Who are the starting center and tight end?

Despite Ryan Hoefeld working with the 1s at practice yesterday, Fisher once again said that Corey Martinez is the starting center going forward. With regard to tight ends, Fisher repeated what he has been saying for the majority of preseason camp. Ryan Izzo is the starter but Mavin Saunders and Jeremy Kerr will both see significant playing time as well.

Next week's show will be on Tuesday instead of Wednesday due to the BC game being next Friday night. I will, again, be in attendance and providing updates.