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Florida State in the Polls: AP, USA Today Coaches

With the season now over, it is now clearer where Florida State will end up in the post season rankings.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2015 College Football season in the books, Florida State ended with a 10-3 record following a loss in the Peach Bowl. The only thing left is where the 'Noles will be ranked in the postseason polls.

FSU entered the Peach Bowl ranked #9 in the AP poll before losing to a #14 ranked Houston team. The' Noles should be the second highest ranked 10-3 team behind current #8 Notre Dame who also lost their bowl game. After all was said and done, Florida State fell to #14 in the final AP poll of the season when they were released last night.

In the USA Today Coaches poll, Florida State came in at #8, just a hair ahead of #9 Notre Dame, who lost to a "better" team, meaning they will probably end the season ranked higher. Houston was also ranked two spots behind where the AP voters had them at #16, which will hurt the 'Noles even more. The only other team relitivley close behind FSU to win was #11 TCU which should be the only team to jump FSU with a slim possibility of #15 Ole Miss and Houston jumping them. FSU should end up anywhere from 12-14 in the Coaches Poll. The coaches wound up punishing the 'Noles, dropping them to 14th behind fellow three-loss teams Ole Miss (against whom FSU will open the 2016 season), Michigan, Notre Dame, and Baylor.