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In need of a win, FSU basketball travels to Boston College

The game tips Tuesday at 7 PM, and will be broadcast on ESPNU

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

If anyone should understand Boston College's predicament, it's Florida State fans. BC is exactly what FSU was 12-years ago. When Coach Hamilton came to Florida State, it wasn't a difficult argument to make that he was not only taking over the worst program in the ACC, but perhaps the worst high major program in the nation.

So good luck Coach Christian! Have fun getting that battleship turned around.

After cutting Al Skinner loose for having the audacity to interview for a job at a place where the fans and administration cared, the Eagles turned to the next hot thing in Steve Donahue who promptly went 24-44 in ACC play. Now they're on to former Ohio head coach Jim Christian.

Christian inherited one really good player in Olivier Hanlan, but that was it. In his first season he went 4-14.

Now, with Hanlan gone, things look even bleaker.

They opened the year 7-6 in out of conference play. They somehow beat Harvard, but lost to mid level teams from the West Coast Conference and America East Conference.

In ACC play they're 0-6. Their closest margin was a 14-point loss to Miami.

Oh, and they don't have a single 4* recruit for next year.

Pomeroy currently projects their record to be 1-17 in the ACC. If that turns out to be the case, then FSU can't be their one.

Mathematically, the Noles could still make the Dance if they lose this game. But it would take a miracle.

This is a game that FSU needs to win.

BC's leading player is 24-year-old Eli Carter, now a grad student at Boston College after playing for Rutgers and the Florida Gators. He averages 17.2 per game, while 6-5 freshman Jerome Robinson is averaging 11.4. Neither is particularly efficient, nor is the offense in general. The Eagles have the worst offensive efficiency of any high major team in the nation.

Luckily for them, they play pretty good defense. They force turnovers and are a really good defensive rebounding team. They're 70th nationally in defense, which is 7th in the ACC.

The recipe here is pretty simple. BC has played nine games against high major opponents, and only Michigan State allowed them to score more than a point per possession. FSU just needs to grind them down on that end of the floor and don't allow them to extend possessions with offensive rebounds. If that happens, then an average offensive game from the Noles will be enough to get it done.

The game tips Tuesday at 7PM and will be broadcast on ESPNU. FSU is a 10-point favorite.