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Florida State football podcast: Season wrap and recruiting

Putting Florida State's football season in context and the recruiting trail with the No. 1 FSU podcast.

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return for another episode of The Nolecast. In this 80-minute episode, the pair evaluate the Florida State's season in the greater context after FSU's Peach Bowl loss to Houston.

What grade would you give Florida State for its 2015 season? Elliott gives a B or B+, while Smith gives a B and they discuss why they give those grades.

What encouraging signs did the pair see this season? Which parts were discouraging? Where do Elliott and Smith expect the most improvement going into 2016?

A discussion ensues about how fans don't understand how players are graded and that the coaches grade every play, which is what they'll use to evaluate a player, not just a few plays from a good or bad game. This is especially applicable to the QB battle, where fans assume that Sean Maguire will not be in the running to win the job.

They also had a long discussion about context and how many fans have no idea what they're viewing when they say something is average or below average. Also a discussion about offensive line  ensues and we note that the offensive line gets too much criticism because fans focus on the player who ends up with the ball when a play goes well, but focus on the line when it does not.


Position-by-position rundown of Florida State's commitments and targets, including expected visits, where FSU stands with some of them.

Elliott also reports from his time at the Under Armour All-America Game, including observations on commitments QB Malik Henry, C Baveon Johnson, TE Naseir Upshur, LB Keion Joyner and CB Levonta Taylor, as well as targets like WR Nate Craig-Myers, WR Keith Gavin, OT Jauan Williams, OL Landon Dickerson, LB Dontavious Jackson and CB Carlos Becker.