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Florida State football DE DeMarcus Walker says Miami fans are the rudest

Hear what DeMarcus Walker had to say about Miami fans

Extending his career mark against the Miami Hurricanes to 4-0, Florida State DE DeMarcus Walker had some things to say about the fans.

“Miami fans are the rudest....It’s crazy, man. I can argue Miami fans are worst than Florida fans. Two years ago, my mom almost got into a fight, this year they’re throwing bottles.”

That was in response to a question regarding in part what WR Kermit Whitfield said about UM fans spitting on the team as the players exited the field.

Walker also went on to tab NC State onto his list.

When asked if it’s a little sweeter beating Miami, Walker responded with a jubilant “Heck yeah.”

The senior also blocked an extra point attempt with less than three minutes left, preserving the Florida State lead, which the team would win by. The senior didn’t think the play was that famous until he was told the “Block at the Rock,” reference.

Here’s the full interview: