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Florida State football, recruiting news: Who is Dalvin Cook’s NFL comparison?

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Florida State v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images


Cook has good size, terrific burst, elusiveness, the ability to play in every scheme and the talent to play on all three downs. When I take into account his body type, playing style and projected potential in the NFL, I see former Miami Hurricanes running back Clinton Portis. I know, Seminoles fans ... and I'm sorry.

Now, keep in mind that I'm talking about the Hurricanes and Denver Broncos version of Portis and not the version that the Washington Redskins turned into a grinder between the tackles. Portis had phenomenal one-cut ability in Denver's zone scheme, with the ability to bury defenses once he surged past the second level. I see those exact traits in Cook. Lateral agility and field vision are other qualities that both running backs share. The one area where Portis excelled and where Cook has to improve is in blitz recognition and pickup.


His numbers won’t be as gaudy as some freshman, but his impact will be significant. He’ll push for a double-double and will make some wow plays in the process. One FSU source said he’s pushing 6-foot-11, 225 pounds. For a prospect that is versatile enough to handle the ball, shoot jumpers from distance and play on the wing, that’s absurd to think about. Not to mention as a junior in high school, Isaac stood just 6-foot-7. Now, Isaac is able to touch the backboard on his tiptoes. Between sophomore wing Dwayne Bacon and Isaac, Leonard Hamilton has at least a pair of future NBA players.


  • After a ninth inning comeback by the Chicago Cubs in game four of the NLDS, Buster Posey and the San Fransisco Giants were eliminated. The former ‘Nole catcher hit 5-18 in the playoffs.