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Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show updates/takeaways: Wake Forest week

A look back at Miami and a look ahead to Wake Forest.

Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show

Fresh off Florida State’s seventh straight victory over Miami, Jimbo Fisher returned to the Four Points by Sheraton in Tallahassee for his weekly call-in show. As expected, Fisher received a lot of praise and thanks for another victory over the Hurricanes but he also revealed a lot of intriguing information when prompted by callers or audience members. What were the takeaways on this week’s show?

No penalty for the Miami fanbase

Early in the show, one member of the studio audience inquired as to why there could be no penalty called against the Miami fanbase when they temporarily halted the game by throwing trash onto the field and at the FSU sideline when the targeting call on UM’s Jamal Carter was upheld. Fisher shared the interesting and little-known fact that ACC football officials are not able to penalize a team for the behavior of its fanbase even though the fans represent the team. Fisher inquired with the refs as to the possibility of a delay of game penalty but the officials’ hands were tied as unlike in ACC basketball, where misbehavior from fans can result in a penalty to the home team, no such penalty exists in football. However, Fisher did share that the referees intend on taking the concern to the league office with the intention of possibly creating a change in the rules for future years.

Reflection on a Florida State coaching legend

During the course of the show, Fisher was asked about what he learned from Bobby Bowden when he was the FSU legend’s offensive coordinator. Fisher shared that he learned a great deal especially from Bowden’s genuine nature. He went on to add that Bowden is the type of person who you can talk to for five minutes and feel like you have known for years.

Another major point that Fisher stressed was that he learned toughness from Bowden. He said that although Bowden had the overly friendly “hey buddy buddy” persona on the outside, Bowden was incredibly tough behind closed doors, bringing in that Bowden grew up during the Great Depression and as a result was much tougher and more demanding in a good way than he ever let on publicly.

Dalvin Cook for Heisman?

Late in the show, one young caller asked Fisher if he thought Dalvin Cook would win the Heisman. Fisher first admitted that the Heisman is something that he has little control over before going on to say that the team can help Cook by putting together a winning streak and getting the team closer to the top of the rankings. Fisher followed that up by sharing his belief that Cook is undeniably talented enough and worthy of the award.

Fisher went on to further praise Cook by talking about how impressively his stats stack up with some of the all-time rushing legends who often carried the ball upwards of 40 times a game. Fisher wrapped up his answer by stating firmly that Cook is not only one of the greatest players in the country, he is also one of the all-time greats in Florida State history.

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