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Florida State's ranking in the college football polls: AP, USA Today Coaches

Florida State will move up once again following its second straight win.

Wake Forest v Florida State Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

2:10 pm AP Poll update: FSU moved up one spot to 13th. As in the Coaches poll, the Vols and Rebels dropped, but the Mountaineers jumped the Seminoles. Other FSU opponents include: No. 4 Clemson; No. 7 Louisville; No. 15 Florida; No. 22 UNC; No. 23 Ole Miss.

1:25 pm Coaches Poll update: FSU moved up one spot to 15th. Tennessee and Ole Miss dropped below the Seminoles, but an undefeated West Virginia team moved up five spots after an impressive win over Texas Tech. Clemson remained 3rd after escaping with a home victory over NC State. Louisville stayed 7th after a sluggish win over Duke at home Friday. Florida moved up two spots to 12th after an easy win over Missouri. UNC had the biggest jump on the week, leaping nine spots to 21st after a win over the now unranked Miami (FL) Hurricanes. Somehow, Ole Miss remains ranked 22nd, even though they have three losses.

Although Florida State had an unimpressive 17-6 victory vs. Wake Forest, it will move up in each the AP and Coaches polls due to teams in front of Florida State not faring as well as the Seminoles.

In the AP Poll, Florida State came into Saturday’s game ranked No. 14. In front of the ‘Noles, No. 12 Ole Miss, No. 9 Tennessee and No. 8 Wisconsin all lost. FSU should jump both Ole Miss and Tennessee into the No. 12 spot, as Wisconsin lost in overtime against a No. 2 Ohio State team and will not fall as far.

In the USA Today Coaches Poll, FSU was ranked No. 16 as of Saturday. No. 13 Ole Miss, No. 11 Tennessee and No. 10 Wisconsin fell short on Saturday. Once again, Florida State should jump both Ole Miss and Tennessee, with Wisconsin ending up a spot or two ahead. In the end, watch for FSU to be around the No. 14 position.