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Nolecast: Another awful start for FSU’s offense

Florida State’s offense was again awful in the first half, while the defense played well and made a bad offense look bad.

Bud Elliott gives his instant reaction on the Nolecast after Florida State football’s underwhelming performance against Wake Forest.

Wake Forest has a good defense, but not a great defense. Florida State put up 5.9 yards/play, but just 5.2 if a meaningless 58-yard hail mary before the half short of the end zone is removed. That is pathetic considering Indiana had 7.73 against Wake Forest and N.C. State had 6.93.

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Florida State’s offense is brutal to watch, with players not being put in position to succeed or play to their talents.

The defensive discussion is more positive, but it is important to remember that not all of what FSU has done on defense in the last two weeks will actually translate against a good offense. The inability to play even competent zone defense will be a fatal error. North Carolina’s defense just held Miami’s offense to 13 points. This was a Wake Forest offense without its top receiving threat and its mobile quarterback. While FSU’s defense made a bad defense look bad, there are bigger challenges ahead, and no reason to believe things are entirely fixed.