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Michael Ojo says quickness, post presence are strongest part of Florida State men’s basketball

Michael Ojo talks about the changes in Florida State Men’s Basketball for this upcoming season.

Senior center Michael Ojo talked on Thursday about the upcoming Florida State Men’s Basketball team. Among the team’s strengths, Ojo responded by saying he believes the quickness and athleticism of the guards, as well as post presence are the strongest part of the team.

The fifth-year senior also said he did a lot of evaluating, and put himself in a coaches perspective when on the bench in 2015-2016, a season he missed due to injury.

“Last year, I won’t really take it as a bad thing, even though my injury happened, that gave me another year to study the game, become a better student of the game.”

When asked about room for improvement before the season, Ojo noted that he thinks the defense needs to get better, as, “That has been the biggest issue in the past 3-4 years as a team.”

You can watch the full, exclusive Tomahawk Nation interview below: