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Miami after losing to Jimbo Fisher's FSU teams: Worse than the Detroit Lions

It’s all about the D.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami
Jimbo Fisher and Mark Richt
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Since taking over as Head Coach at Florida State in 2010, Jimbo Fisher is 12-1 against his in-state rivals, Miami and Florida. That includes a perfect record against the Hurricanes, which Fisher ran to 7-0 with a 20-19 win over the ‘Canes earlier this month. But Fisher’s Seminoles haven’t just beaten UM— they’ve rendered them abjectly awful for the rest of those seasons.

Following Thursday night’s Miami loss at Virginia Tech, here’s a look at the Hurricanes’ records following their annual tradition of losing to Fisher’s ‘Noles:

• 2010: 4-4

• 2011: 1-1

• 2012: 3-1

• 2013: 2-3

• 2014: 0-3

• 2015: 5-3

• 2016 (to date): 0-2

That’s a combined mark of 15-17, a model of mediocrity, which got me thinking about comparisons. And as someone who grew up a Detroit Lions fan, it didn’t take me long. Except the ‘Canes, post-FSU since 2010, can’t even keep up with what the historically dreadful Motor City Kitties have done over the same stretch: the Lions are 17-15 over their last 32 games. If the Hurricanes are looking to draw even with Detroit, they’ll either have to snap out of their current three-game losing streak or take solace in the fact that they still have as many ACC Coastal titles as the Lions.