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FSU football under Jimbo Fisher — and its opposition — coming off of a bye

NCAA Football: Florida State at South Florida
Jimbo Fisher
Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Today officially opens Clemson week for the No. 12 ‘Noles, who’ll continue preparation for the No. 3 Tigers’ visit to Tallahassee this weekend. I say continue, of course, because, coming off of a bye week, Florida State has had extra time to get ready for Clemson. But just how has such added in-season time benefited FSU in the Jimbo Fisher era?

Well, going strictly by the numbers, it hasn’t. Fisher is 6-2 following a bye, a 75% winning percentage that is below his all-time mark at FSU of 81.8%. As far as the specifics go, there hasn’t been much of a difference on the offensive side of the ball, but there are some distinct disparities defensively:

Of course, the Tigers are also coming of a bye; so how have the Seminoles’ opponents fared when they’ve extra time to prepare for Fisher’s ‘Noles? Actually, worse than teams operating on normal rest. Fisher is 10-2 against teams coming off of a bye: an 83.3% winning percentage.

My thanks to our cblunt, who put together the above chart.