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Seminoles coaches read their players’ tweets

And hilarity ensues.

Coach Trickett
Rick Trickett

Social media has achieved ubiquity in American culture, and in no place is that more apparent than across college campuses nationwide. Student athletes, due to the intense spotlight they can draw as standout performers, are often scrutinized for the decisions they make using social media, and this can bring about very serious reactions. The football team’s self-imposed in-season social-media ban comes readily to mind, and Jimbo Fisher has even spoken of monitoring players’ social media activity in the past.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t also some fun to be had with student-athletes’ participation in platforms like Twitter, and Florida State coaches from numerous sports recently took to YouTube to read some of their players’ tweets. Reactions ranged from pure confusion to laughter, to even some good-natured insults. Among others, coaches included feature men’s and women’s basketball coaches Leonard Hamilton and Sue Semrau, baseball manager Mike Martin, and offensive line coach Rick Trickett.