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Florida State football, recruiting news: Playing for pride

It’s Miami Hateweek.

North Carolina v Florida State Photo by Jeff Gammons/Getty Images


With championship aspirations all but over many are wondering what is there left to play for? Well, there’s pride.

Jimbo Fisher joined Jeff Cameron of 97.9 for the weekly interview.

Many expected Florida State to be un-ranked but thanks to a win vs. Ole Miss & several other teams in the top 25 losing this weekend they’re at 21st & 23rd in the Coaches & AP poll respectively.

People aren’t going like to Jimbo Fisher saying “Who cares?” when asked about the college football playoff but he had this to say about what to play for now:

“Why is the season over? See this playoff thing? Who cares. I mean, if you're out of the playoffs, good. Now you've got pride. You've got seasons. You've got winning streaks. You've got to be what you want to be, what kind of team you want to be, what kind of person you want to be?

There is a name on the back of your jersey, every time you play, you represent it. There is a name on the front of your jersey, and every time you play you represent it. That's what you play for.”

Florida State’s defense, on which Jimbo focuses the bulk of his bluechip recruiting, is off to the worst start in program history.

Despite the loss Dalvin Cook shined brightly with 246 all purpose yards and 3 TDs check how he’s chasing history here. He also earned a consecutive helmet sticker from espn.

This Q&A with Matthew Thomas gives some really good insight into the psychological state of the defense right now:

Q: Does the defense have a confidence issue?

Thomas: We do have a confidence issue. I think so. Sometimes the confidence like raises and lowers. So we’ve just got to keep it high and play with high energy all the time.

Here’s what we learned on offense & defense from this weekend’s contest.

Bruce Feldman’s Heisman Watch has two ACC quarterbacks on it & neither are Deshaun Watson; that’s what happens when you play FSU’s defense.

FSU fell in ESPN’s ACC Power Rankings & overall Power rankings.


Check out this photo gallery of all the talented prospects Florida State hosted this past weekend.

Other Sports:

Women’s Volleyball continued its dominating streak with a sweep over BC.

Not to be outdone No.2 Women’s Soccer earned a shutout victory over Pittsburgh to the tune of 2-0.


I’m sure Nolenation remembers these two guys: