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Dalvin Cook says Florida State needs to do a better job executing big moments

Dalvin Cook spoke after he huge game against Clemson.

Although Dalvin Cook rushed for 169 yards and four touchdowns against Clemson, Florida State fell short by a final of 37-34.

“We’ve got to do a better job of executing in the big moments.”

One of FSU’s downfalls on Saturday were the 13 penalties committed by the team, something Cook says attributed to the lack of rhythm.

The junior running back had a 50-yard rush called back due to a penalty that was a questionable call. The ACC officiating crew ruled a chop block on Freddie Stevenson and negated the run.

“It’s what we’ve been doing all year. It wasn’t a flag, it was a legal block Freddie came out of the backfield. It’s a penalty you can’t take back Like I said, it was a legal block, Freddie came out of the backfield, He didn’t hold him or nothing. It’s a call you can’t make in games like that. Bad call.”

Florida State would go on to punt and give up a field goal on the ensuing kick off. Clemson won by three.