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Florida State QB Deondre Francois agrees the offense needs to play better

Deondre Francois opened up about the expectations of the Florida State offense.

When Florida State QB Deondre Francois was asked about Dalvin Cook’s comments post game on Saturday about the offense needing to do a better job bailing out the defense, the redshirt had a very concise response.

“I agree. I feel like it’s all one team. We have to do our job equally. Offense we need to a better job of capitalizing in the red zone though. We didn’t capitalize on all our third downs, we were giving North Carolina short fields, putting the defense in tough positions. North Carolina was an up-tempo offense and I know our defense was getting tired. So those quick three-and-outs, the big defensive linemen we have get tired. We need to sustain long drives and capitalize.”

In the loss vs. the North Carolina Tar Heels, the Florida State offense gained over 590 yards of total offense and scored 35 points.

You can watch the full interview below.