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Florida State's ranking in the college football polls: AP, USA Today Coaches

Following a win over a top-10 Miami team, Florida State will rise back up in the rankings.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Florida State has moved up to 14 in the newest AP Poll.

The ‘Noles are No. 16 in the newest USA Today Coaches Poll.

Florida State scored a big victory over Miami on Saturday as it marked the seventh straight time the ‘Noles defeated the Hurricanes. More so, UM was a consensus top-10 team which bodes well for Florida State’s new rankings.

In the AP Poll, Florida State came in at No. 23 with Miami No. 10. Besides the No. 10 team losing, No. 6 Houston, No. 9 Tennessee, No. 15 Stanford, No. 16 Arkansas, No. 17 UNC and No. 21 Colorado all lost. They should jump every single team on that list, with the possible exception No. 6 Houston. Therefore, FSU should end up ranked somewhere in the No. 15 range.

In the USA Today Coaches poll, the ‘Noles were ranked No. 21 with Miami No. 10. In that poll, No. 5 Houston, No. 9 Tennessee, No. 15 Stanford, No. 16 UNC and No. 17 Arkansas all lost. Expect Florida State to jump all those teams except Houston, which is feasible.

Note: Due to the Georgia vs. South Carolina game being delayed until Sunday, the polls will be released on Monday afternoon.