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Game time announced for FSU at Syracuse

Checking out when the ‘Noles and Orange will get it started.

Florida State v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The kickoff time for this Saturday’s Florida State vs. Syracuse game was announced earlier on Sunday, and although it hasn’t happened often this season, Seminole fans will have neither to get up in the morning to fire up their grills nor stay up late cleaning up after company. FSU and ‘Cuse will start things at 3:30 pm, eastern time.

Thrice the ‘Noles have been in the early slot this year, while on five occasions Florida State has been a primetime draw. But on only two previous dates did the Seminoles play at 3:30, and FSU is 1-1 in those games against North Carolina and Wake Forest.

The penultimate week of the season is notorious for a weak schedule, as teams like to rest up for their rivals to wrap up the regular season, but FSU’s 3:30 game time will allow ‘Nole fans the chance to watch most of UF at LSU at 1 pm, and Oklahoma at West Virginia at 8 pm.

The game will be broadcast on either ABC or ESPN2.