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FSU football depth chart stabilizes for Syracuse

Seminoles’ roles cemented?

Texas State at Florida State Photo Gallery

On Saturday, Florida State scored its first touchdown of the season against a power-five team in the first quarter. If there weren’t enough uses of the word “first” in that sentence, here’s another: for the first time this season, the Seminole depth chart has not changed, at all, from one game to the next.

The spot many had their eyes on was right tackle, as Brock Ruble had to be replaced by Rick Leonard after getting beat off the edge on multiple occasions. FSU Head Coach Jimbo Fisher explained that Ruble had a groin tweak that was hindering his movement, and Ruble retains the top spot at RT.

On the defensive side of the ball, the secondary had seen some shuffling of late, but as the 3-4, nickel, and dime packages have settled in recently, the alterations have ceased, at least for the time being.

Special teams depth remains the same, too, although we got a little more clarification as to who will handle place kicks when-- or should I say, from where. While Ricky Aguayo is still the first-line PK, Fisher confirmed after the Boston College game that Logan Tyler would take over from 51-52 yards out and farther, and for good reason: Tyler got his first collegiate FG attempt against the Eagles, and was good from 53.