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Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show takeaways/updates: NC State week

What did the FSU coach have to say at his weekly show?

Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show

After nearly pulling the home upset against No. 3 Clemson last weekend, Jimbo Fisher once again returned to the Four Points by Sheraton Tallahassee Downtown for his weekly call-in show Wednesday evening. What were the prescient points from Fisher’s hour-long show?

Murray’s breakout

One caller praised what Nyqwan Murray was able to do in Bobo Wilson’s absence in Florida State’s loss to Clemson last week. Murray, who finished the game with a team-leading 96 receiving yards and the first touchdown catch of his career, was highly praised by Fisher, who said that Murray is as talented as anyone on FSU’s roster. He added that Murray struggled a bit with consistency in practice earlier in his career but that he has had another good week of practice ahead of the matchup with NC State, a promising trend for FSU with Bobo Wilson already listed as out for Saturday.

Protecting the QB

A caller in the middle of the show called the officials into question with regard to how they do not protect the quarterback from late hit penalties. Fisher agreed with the caller, saying that he has before asked that the NCAA makes changes to protect the quarterback more like the NFL does, particularly in passing situations where the quarterback is often defenseless and unprotected.

Fisher further stated that the NCAA has made strides to protect wide receivers and other defenseless players with the targeting penalty and wishes that rule changes to better protect QBs would be made as well.

Bouncing back from the loss

Late in the show, a caller asked about how the team’s mentality is right now and if they have bounced back from the loss. Fisher shared that he has liked the mentality and demeanor that his team has had this week in practice in bouncing back and not dwelling on the loss. He also stated that it has been made easier by the fact that there was more to build on than harp on from the Clemson game.