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Florida State president believes Jimbo Fisher wants to stay

John Thrasher spoke with the Tallahassee Democrat

NCAA Football: Chattanooga at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Amid reports that LSU officials believe top target Jimbo Fisher is very interested in the job, Florida State president John Thrasher believes Fisher wants to stay in Tallahassee.

“Jimbo and I talk frequently and based on that he is happy here and wants to stay,” Thrasher told the Tallahassee Democrat. “He has given me no reason to think differently.”

If Fisher is using the LSU job as leverage in contract negotiations, one of the things he is believed to want is more positions for support staff, like Alabama has with its notorious “shadow coaching staff” of assistants who perform pseudo-coaching duties in non-coaching roles.

Thrasher seems open to working with Fisher, “within reason,” and the two are believed to have a decent relationship.

“If there is something he needs or wants – within reason -- we are open to looking at that,” Thrasher said.

“I think he feels he gets great support from the administration.”

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