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Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show takeaways/updates: Florida week

What did Fisher have to say with a matchup with the Gators looming?

Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show

With the Florida game just three days away, Jimbo Fisher returned to his weekly call-in show for the second-to-last time this season on Wednesday evening, talking all things UF as well as reminiscing on some aspects of the win over Syracuse last Saturday. What were the main takeaways from this week’s show?

Burns’ coverage skills

The first caller of the night inquired on why Florida State used true freshman defensive end Brian Burns off the line and out in space in the win over Syracuse. Fisher was quick to praise Burns, saying that he was used there because he is versatile enough to play at both defensive end and linebacker and stating that his coverage skills are on par with his pass-rushing skills and would be good enough to play in the secondary. He shared that he believes Burns could be a very good football player and added that FSU plans on bulking him up this offseason to help take his game to yet another level.

Hail Mary

One listener called in to ask Fisher why he hasn’t considered using his exceptionally tall receivers when the Seminoles are required to defend a Hail Mary pass. Fisher replies that they have tall safety Ermon Lane back there to knock balls down but that he got stuck behind Amba Etta-Tawo because the coverage defensive backs on the play did not accomplish what they were told to do, which would have been to box out the receivers just like in basketball. As such, the Orange’s long touchdown at the end of the first half, which ended up having little effect on the final scoreline, was born.

Keys to a victory over Florida

Later in the show, someone inquired on what Fisher viewed as the keys to a victory over the Gators on Saturday. Fisher began by stating that he thinks the team needs to play solid defense and to be able to create plays and win some 50/50 balls on offense in order to move the ball against Florida’s defense. He also cited a need to control the front on both sides of the ball, praising the UF defensive line in the process. The head coach also placed a heavy emphasis on winning the field-position battle, saying that in a game with two defenses as good as these, excellent special teams play could play a large role in the outcome.

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