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With social media ban lifted, Florida State football players react to victory over Florida

Future, present, and former FSU football players react to the victory over UF.

At the beginning of the season, the Florida State football players instituted a policy that barred all players from being active on social media.

Beginning on August 4th, the players made a pact that no one would be allowed to participate on social media as the players wanted to keep the off-the-field distractions to a minimum. This isn’t the first time the Seminoles have instituted a social media ban as was the case in 2011 following the Wake Forest loss and prior to the 2012 season.

With the regular season now complete following a victory over Florida, the players have returned to Twitter with their reactions to the big victory.

It marks four consecutive seasons that the ‘Noles have defeated the Gators and outgoing seniors like DeMarcus Walker have never been a part of a losing team to UF or UM.

Here are some of the former, current and future ‘Noles reactions to the game:

Former ‘Noles:

Current ‘Noles:

Future ‘Noles: