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K-Man Crow’s Nest: Tiger Uppercuts, Fisher Loses Mind

Unconquered...and unverified. And not bowl eligible by November.

The Noles fall to Dabo’s Clemson Tigers for the second year in a row, but the 30-point blowout predictions were overblown. Vegas knew something.

Anything to celebrate in defeat? Sure.

Noonie ain’t just a 6-day optioned kickoff time anymore.

The twisting acrobatic catches, the lethal jab steps, the successful Tunnel Screen play that leads to audible gasps. Sophomore Nyqwan “Noonie” Murray did it all in a breakout performance.

“We’re not familiar with this guy. Let’s say incomplete and let the Booth handle it”

Where has this talent injection been hiding all year? Turns out Murray finally showed the FSU coaches that he’s ready for heavy game action...21 games into his career. See that, kids? Studying pays off!

The roots are also a major part of Jimbo’s offense, but only redshirt seniors get to see them.

After Further Review, We’re Not Sure

In a game that featured more official reviews than Broadway’s Hamilton, the most crucial call resulted in FSU losing safety Trey Marshall to a controversial targeting penalty. #20 leads the Noles in season tackles, led the team Saturday with 11 total tackles, and may have lead with the crown of his helmet.

Mythew Thomas is not impressed with Marshall’s inability to see

So after a couple minutes of intensive reviews utilizing the most state-of-the-art slo-mo hi-def technology, what did the ACC officials decide? That Trey Marshall lead with the crown of his helmet, and not the side, right?

Using 1980’s technology and a disappointed mother’s intuition, we here in The Crow’s Nest reversed the call. How did we do it?

BY USING OUR EYEBALLS! Clemson fans: Orange you glad the review officials didn’t see it?

Sounding Off on the Doak Campbell Sound System

In the Nest, we don’t normally like to complain. But after “hearing” the new Panasonic speakers on Saturday night, we’re compelled to type our constructive criticism loudly.

Versus Charleston Southern on September 8th, the sound was cranked up to 11, but not in a good way.

The author has attended games in Gainesville, Raleigh, Atlanta, Chapel Hill, Chestnut Hill, Miami Lakes, Tampa, Norman, and many others. The wet blanket sounds emanating from Doak Saturday night were unspeakably ill-tuned and muffled. It’s like an epic party was rocking in Studio 54...but we were locked inside Studio 53’s broom closet.

Congratulations to Bonafide FSU Legend Craphonso Thorpe, who proposed to his girlfriend during a timeout. Had he used the stadium intercom mic, his lovely lady would have answered, “Huh? What? Can you repeat that? I can’t hear your question over the sound of Renegade’s heartbeat”

Has FSU peaked? We haven’t even begun to peak.

Ever worked in an organization where things aren’t clicking, and anger is your only viable motivational tool? At a certain point, your employees can’t do their jobs...because of the implication.

Have fun, everybody. In Carter-Finley. At night. Should go well.

-The K-Man & Cinefunk