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Florida State Seminoles Opponent Scouting Report: North Carolina V.3

Do you like beer? Of course you do and inside we will discuss just what kind of beer you should be drinking this weekend.

NCAA Football: Clemson at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

This is the ninth installment highlighting the craft beer scene of Florida State's opponent. The format will feature a beer from a local brewery that best represents the Noles' weekly opponent. We will then go on to highlight a brewery that we feel you should definitely give a look if you happen to ever be passing through or are supporting the Seminoles on the road. I fell like Harry Doyle doing the color commentary in “Major League” at this point in the season...

“Where are we this week? North Carolina? South Carolina? How many times have we been here?”

“Awwwwwweeeee....who gives a shit just get me a drink”

And without further adieu we present the craft beer seen of Raleigh, North Carolina.

In all honesty I have never been to Raleigh so I cannot personally speak to the scene there. The only brewery in the greater metro area that I’ve seen in distribution is Aviator Brewing Company which we highlighted in last year’s installment. The very limited research that was conducted this week led me to two breweries that stood out from the rest. Crank Arm Brewing which features quite the array of beers and Lynwood Brewing Concern winner of a few awards at the most recent GABF. Raleigh also features a Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, having visited the one in Houston I can say that while they are a little commercial their lineups and bottle selection is excellent.

Not much beer is distributed out of North Carolina and we have already given you a list of beers you can find in your local shop in episode one and episode two. Given the options are limited the brewery chosen this week is Duck Rabbit Brewery out of Farmville which is about 70 miles east of Raleigh. I am a big fan of their Baltic Porter and Milk Stout. Now Duck Rabbit’s self proclamation is that they are “The Dark Beer Specialist” and while darks are not my favorite style we are getting towards that time of the year where its nice to have on a cool night. I am not a huge lager fan but their Dobbleback is very respectable and the Wee Heavy is delicious.

Unable to get your hands on any these brews? That’s okay, tell us what you will be enjoying this weekend as the Noles try to prevent fans from solely focusing on the upcoming hoops season.