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Florida State's ranking in the college football polls: AP, USA Today Coaches

How far will FSU move up in the polls on Sunday?

Update: Florida State moved up a spot in the Coaches Poll to 18th; while dropping a spot in the AP Poll to 20th.

Following a 24-20 victory over NC State on Saturday, Florida State should see itself rise in Sunday’s college football polls.

In the AP Poll, the Florida State Seminoles entered week 10 of the season ranked No. 19. Ahead of the ‘Noles, No. 7 Texas A&M, No. 9 Nebraska, No. 10 Florida, No. 13 Baylor, and No. 15 LSU all fell. Of those teams, Florida State should jump over LSU, Baylor and possibly Florida and Nebraska as both of those teams lost big to unranked teams. Expect FSU to be around No. 15 when the latest polls come out.

In the USA Today Coaches poll, FSU came into Saturday’s matchup ranked No. 19. In that poll, No. 7 TAMU, No. 9 Florida, No. 10 Nebraska, No. 13 Baylor and No. 14 Louisiana State University were losers. Florida State should rise above those same four teams and see itself around the No. 15 ranking.