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Florida State Men’s basketball in the AP Poll

Where will FSU stand in the newest rankings on Monday?

12:15 PM Update: FSU jumped two spots to No. 21 in the AP Poll released early Monday afternoon.

The 11-1 Seminoles, ranked for the second different instance in 2016, stood at No. 23 in the AP Poll for the past seven days. With the newest AP Poll scheduled to be released later on Monday, where will the ‘Noles stand?

After re entering the polls last week, FSU picked up one neutral site victory against Manhattan in the Orange Bowl Classic. Ahead of Florida State, No. 21 Notre Dame fell to No. 15 Purdue, handing the Irish its second loss. No. 16 South Carolina also lost to a non-ranked Seton Hall team, falling to 9-1.

Closely behind the Seminoles, USC at No. 24 only played one game, a five-point win over an under .500 Troy and No. 25 Cincinnati picked up two blowout victories over Texas Southern and Farleigh Dickerson. Both of those teams should not jump Florida State. There was also a large point gap between No. 25 and the highest, non-ranked team to receive points, posing no threat to the Seminoles.

In the end, FSU more than likely will not be jumped by anyone, and should see itself at No. 22 or No. 21 when the newest rankings are released later on Monday.