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Florida State defensive coordinator Charles Kelly speaks to media for first time since August

Hear what Kelly had to say about the defensive turnaround.

On Tuesday, Florida State football defensive coordinator Charles Kelly spoke to the media for the first time since August, before the season began.

Among some of the topics that were discussed, Kelly talked about the defensive turnaround following the loss to UNC which dropped the ‘Noles to 3-2. That FSU defense improved from having the worst yards per play given up in the FBS through five games, to top-50 by season’s end.

The Alabama native also talked about the injuries which forced some young freshman including Carlos Becker and Kyle Meyers into extensive playing time. He then went on to break down the Michigan offense that ranks 42nd in yards per play among FBS schools.

On Wednesday, we’ll hear from co-offensive coordinators Randy Sanders and Lawrence Dawsey from Ft. Lauderdale where FSU continues its Orange Bowl preparations.

You can see the full availability from Charles Kelly in the video below:

Florida State Seminoles Football defensive coordinator Charles Kelly gives his thoughts on Michigan during Orange Bowl media week.

Posted by on Tuesday, December 27, 2016