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Florida State's ranking in the college football polls: Playoff, AP, USA Today Coaches

Where will Florida State land in the newest polls released on Sunday?

Although Florida State was inactive on Sunday, the ‘Noles still could see some movement when the newest College Football Playoff, AP and USA Today polls are released on Sunday.

In the College Football Playoff rankings, Florida State was No. 12. No. 10 Oklahoma State will be the only loser that the ‘Noles jump as No. 8 Colorado and No. 6 Wisconsin also fell with losses. but against top-10 opponents. Look for FSU at No. 11.

In the AP Poll, FSU was No. 12 entering the final week of the college football season. Oklahoma State at No. 11, Colorado at No. 9 and Wisconsin at No. 6 all lost. The ‘Noles will pass Oklahoma State into No. 11 with the possibility of going to No. 10.

UPDATE: Florida State is now No. 10 in the newest AP Poll, just three points ahead of No. 11 Colorado.

In the USA Today Coaches Poll, FSU was also at No. 12. The same effects should happen as the AP Poll with Florida State moving to No. 11, past previous No. 10 Oklahoma State and possibly past No. 9 Colorado as well.

For the fun of it, what do you think the final top-6 of the College Playoff rankings will look like? Put your guess in the comments section below.