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A Preview of Florida State Seminoles in the 2016 NFL Combine

A look at the participants from Florida State that will showcase their skills at the 2016 NFL Combine.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL Combine kicks off this week and the Seminoles once again have a high participation rate. In total, six 'Noles are headed to Indianapolis for the Combine which is arguably the biggest showcase for these players to prove themselves in front of NFL scouts and media. Here are all the FSU alumni who will participate (all analysis is provided by Lance Zierline of

Kicker Roberto Aguayo:

6'1 204 pounds

Draft grade: 5.5

STRENGTHS Was Mr. Automatic during Florida State's successful run from 2013­-2014 and connected on 88.5 percent of his field goals during his career. Never missed a field goal from 39 yards and in during his three years at Florida State going 46-of-46. When it's time to tackle, he leverages returners against the sideline and has speed and athleticism to make the tackle. Leg strength on kickoffs improved with each year. Has outstanding 4.09 kickoff hang time. Unfazed by the moment.

WEAKNESSES Saw his accuracy dip in 2015. Made just 5-of-9 field goals from 41 yards and beyond. Will occasionally lose track of a kickoff and knock it out of bounds. Only attempted six kicks of 50-plus yards during his career. While quality of kickoffs have improved, still doesn't have a booming kickoff leg.

SOURCES TELL US "I had our special teams coach watch tape on him after our season was over and he really liked him. It may be time for us to upgrade board." -- AFC scout


BOTTOM LINE Burst onto the college scene by winning the Lou Groza Award as a redshirt freshman and performing at a high level during the Seminoles' run under Jameis Winston. Aguayo is considered an accurate, clutch kicker but with average leg strength. Aguayo is the first kicker to declare early for the draft since Sebastian Janikowski and is expected to be drafted, though not as early as "Seabass" was.

Defensive back Jalen Ramsey:

6'1 202 pounds

Draft grade: 6.83

STRENGTHS Dominant athlete. Sprinter and champion long jumper for Seminoles track team and hit a 40-inch vertical leap in high school. Prototype frame for a big, press­ cover corner. From press, lands accurate blows with extended arms into the shoulders of receivers. Can redirect and, in some cases, completely road­block a route with his disruptive press strength and tactics. Has experience at safety and as slot corner. Boundary corner in 2015 and quick to crowd outside releases against sideline. Shines in trail coverage. Has athletic ability to slam on brakes from full sprint and shadow comeback routes. Length and closing speed make it difficult to beat him over the top. Elite leaper who can challenge jump balls against anyone. Uses aggressive ripping and raking against catch attempts. Aware and instinctive from zone and off coverage. Diagnoses quickly and will stick a foot in the ground and drive hard towards the throw. Balanced, wrap-up tackler in space. Allowed a completion rate of just 38.5 percent.

WEAKNESSES Much better straight-­line player than lateral athlete. Shows hip tightness from press. Overreacts with feet to initial moves from press and can be knocked off balance by a clever release. Footwork and patience from press must improve or teams will match him up against quickness to test him. Missing fluid hips to open and run. Allows early separation in tight quarters and a clean passing window against crossing routes. Had no interceptions this year and just three for his career. Appeared to be a more fiery competitor in 2014. Would like to see him step downhill harder after run diagnosis rather than waiting for play to get to him. Can be a playmaking run­-thumper on one play, but then passive the next.

SOURCES TELL US "Some scouts on the road think he's overrated and some think he's the next Richard Sherman. We all agree that he's going to win the combine and that (Mike) Mayock won't stop talking about him." --­ NFC director of football operations


BOTTOM LINE Press ­cover corner with disruptive length to fluster receivers and the makeup speed/leaping ability to stymie downfield attacks. Ramsey made more plays on the ball from the slot last year, but his ability to jam and trail receivers limited playmaking opportunities this year. Ramsey has all-­pro potential and traits, but could use a little more bravado and attitude play in and play out.

Defensive back Lamarcus Brutus:

6'0 207

Draft Grade: 4.96

STRENGTHS Plays with above average instincts allowing him to react quickly to play progression. Anticipates route development and flows with it. Able to turn and peddle without issues. Balanced, open-­field tackler who finishes with consistency. Always reading quarterback. Disguises pre-­snap coverage plans.

WEAKNESSES Struggled to log playing time amongst talented Seminoles roster. Slightly below average size for the position. Man coverage limitations due to lack of speed. Slow twitch, average athlete.

SOURCES TELL US "High-character, worker-­type. Doesn't have enough physical gifts for the position." -- NFC area scout

BOTTOM LINE Head coach Jimbo Fisher has praised Brutus for his attitude and work­ ethic in working his way up the food chain with Florida State. Brutus? plays an intelligent, instinct­-based game that puts him in good position most of time, but his lack of speed tends to limit him into deep safety responsibilities much of the time. Might lack the size and speed to make it in the league.

Defensive tackle Nile Lawrence-Stample:

6'1 326 pounds

Draft grade: 5.2

STRENGTHS Stubby, but stout lower body. Decent lateral movement and is a willing chaser down the line. Has quickness off the snap to attack a gap and stress the edge. Better as aggressive upfield player than read-­and-­react two­-gapper. Very good vision into backfield and keeps running back locked in.

WEAKNESSES Phone booth worker with limited play range. Inconsistent get-off after snap. Would like to see him become more aggressive with his punch and control technique when two-gapping. Average body control. Not much of a pass rusher.


BOTTOM LINE While he has the thickness of a plugging nose tackle, Lawrence­-Stample didn't control his grass and dominate at the point of attack as much as scouts wanted to see this season. He has enough power in his base to anchor against double teams and his work at the point of attack will improve with more hand work. Appears to be a backup interior lineman who can handle rotational work.

Defensive end Giorgio Newberry:

6'6 295 pounds

Draft grade: 4.85

STRENGTHS Long and angular build with more room for mass if he hits the weights. Active hands in the passing lane. Credited with six passes defensed this season. Has foot quickness to potentially threaten in twists game. Raw, but moldable.

WEAKNESSES Doesn't have a position. Was moved from defensive end to tackle to tight end back to tackle. Not enough juice to rush from edge and not enough strength play inside. High cut with think legs. Work ethic has been an issue in the past. Has very limited playing time over his career and little production.

BOTTOM LINE Projection-­based player only. Used as a sub­-package rusher at Florida State, but didn?t generate the pressures or sack totals expected from a "specialist". Looks stiff on tape, but if he tests well at combine, could get some attention thanks size.

Linebacker Terrance Smith:

6'3 234 pounds

Draft grade: 5.39

STRENGTHS Long linebacker with very good athletic ability. Lowers pad level to improve leverage when taking on blockers. Instinctive and responsible in his play against the run. Won?t usually over-­pursue and takes quality angles to the ball making adjustments for blockers and running back speed. Plays with outstanding pursuit speed and looks at home when he?s chasing. Can range from sideline to sideline. Closing burst gives him potential as a blitzer. Showed resilience coming back to play at a high level after missing time due to high ankle sprain. Football bloodlines. Father was a standout receiver at Clemson and DeAndre Hopkins is his cousin.

WEAKNESSES Frame might be too thin to play inside. Plays upright after the snap hovering towards the ball rather than aggressively scraping. Needs to be better at playing with squared pads. Waits on second level rather than attacking downhill. Had relatively low number of tackles for losses during his time with Seminoles. Very little bang behind his pads. Wildly inconsistent tackler with 24 missed tackles over last two years. Drifts in coverage and doesn?t play with same instincts he shows against run. Had no passes defensed this year. Took medical redshirt in 2011, missed two games with neck injury in 2014 and four games this year with high ankle sprain.


BOTTOM LINE Tall linebacker who could play inside in a 3-4 or outside in a 4­-3. Smith has the chase speed to be a factor all over the field, but the production doesn?t match up with the athleticism. Smith doesn?t have the play strength to consistently finish as a tackler and he shows a surprising lack of tackles for loss considering his speed and the defensive linemen he has played behind. As a former sprinter and jumper in high school, Smith should star at the combine which could get him drafted ahead of where his production says he should go.