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FSU slide continues as Noles lose at Duke

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

FSU needed to sweep the final three games of the season to have a decent shot at dancing, and Duke put a quick end to any thoughts of a miracle finish.

After a scrappy and ugly start from both teams, Duke seized control in the middle of the first half, and took a 13-point lead into the break.

Coach Hamilton threw every defense at Duke that the Noles can play, mixing up a zone and man along with some full court pressure, but none of it was effective. The Blue Devils routinely found open shots and Florida State couldn't do enough on offense to keep up.

The second half was played with Duke up double digits the entire way, but never able to really pull away. If there was a bright spot, it was that most of the team played with great effort, even if the execution wasn't there.

Without getting many stops, FSU was never able to get off to the races as the offense likes to do, and the game was just 64 possessions which was easily the slowest game of the season for the Noles.

The final was 80-65.

Xavier Rathan-Mayes led FSU with 13 points, but only played 19 minutes after earning Coach Hamilton's ire. Dwayne Bacon had a double-double with 12 points and 10 boards. Devon Bookert had 10 points, and is now just one point behind Mitchell Wiggins on the all-time scoring lists.

Florida State has two games left before the ACC tourney. There's a quick turnaround on Saturday to face the most efficient offense in the nation in Notre Dame.