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Duke's Grayson Allen intentionally trips another player, this time a 'Nole

No call.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Update: On Friday, ESPN reported that Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski called FSU coach Leonard Hamilton to apologize for the incident. However, Allen will not be suspended.

For the second time this season, Duke guard Grayson Allen has authored one of the more cowardly acts in basketball, taking a player's lifeblood, his legs, out from under him in the course of play. The first incident, which was initially uncalled (surprise) but then reviewed and deemed a flagrant foul, took place against Louisville at Cameron Indoor earlier this month.

Check it out:

On Thursday night against Florida State, Allen decided to give the Cameron Crazies a curtain call, revamping his signature move by kicking up a heel to bring down Seminole point guard Xavier Rathan-Mayes in the final seconds of a game Duke won 80-65. Once again, the offense was not called. But this time, it wasn't even reviewed, and Allen was allowed a carefree celebration with his Blue Devil teammates.

Here's that play-- notice how ESPN's tweet sets it up as if the trip is even in question. I also get a kick (no pun intended) out of how the ref proceeds to talk XRM down while simply patting Allen on the back. So it goes, when you play at Duke.