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Measurements of Florida State Seminoles in the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine

An updated list of the official measurements from the Florida State Seminoles participating in the 2016 NFL Combine

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Note: NFL Combine Measurements will be updated as they are received.

Special Teams worked out during the first day of the NFL combine on Friday and were officially measured on Thursday. Roberto Aguayo came in at 6'0, 207 pounds with 31 3/4" arms and 9 7/8" hands, compared to the 6'1, 204 he weighed in at Florida State.

On Saturday, defensive linemen Nile Lawrence-Stample and Giorgio Newberry, and linebacker Terrance Smith will be measured as they take the field on Sunday for testing. Here is what they came in at

Nile Lawrence-Stample:

Florida State measurements: 6'1, 302 lbs.

NFL Combine measurements: 6'1 320 lbs. 32 3/4" arms 9 7/8" hands

Giorgio Newberry:

Florida State measurements: 6'6, 295 lbs.

NFL Combine measurements: 6'5 285 lbs. 34" arms 9 1/2" hands

Terrance Smith:

Florida State measurements: 6'4 230 lbs.

NFL Combine measurements: 6'3 235 lbs. 32 3/4" arms 9 7/8" hands

The remaining defensive backs, Jalen Ramsey and Lamarcus Brutus, will also be measured on Saturday before their drills on Monday.

Jalen Ramsey:

Florida State measurements: 6'1 202 lbs.

NFL Combine measurements: 6'1 209 lbs. 33 3/8" arms 9 1/2" hands

Lamarcus Brutus:

Florida State measurements: 6'0 207 lbs.

NFL Combine measurements: 6'0 206 lbs. 31 1/2" arms 8 3/4" hands